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Another day, another white person has been caught on video being a racist. Now Twitter is doing their work to expose this bold racist.

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The video shows a white woman in the New York City subway calling a Black man the N-word and literally stalking him and at least one other person with him. See below:

The man who claims to be the person who is being verbally attacked in the video wrote on Twitter, “Bro literally no back story I’m one of the guys in the video I was just walking minding my business and she just started saying disrespectful shit like how we are peasants and both broke then we kept walking and that’s where the video start.”

He also says he went to the police and they did nothing, “So I just left my local police station the 44th police precinct to be exact and White Officer Jocaby told me this is not assault and she wasn’t racist she only called me a nigger one time and I was following her.”

He also added, “He also went on to say she only harassed me so when I said no she also assaulted me this man said well you look like you wasn’t trying get away then because I was telling him he’s wrong this man told me to leave the priecent for disorderly conduct and would.”

This reaction is rich considering the New York City subways are typically packed with armed police officers, especially Columbus Circle, a popular tourist destination where the encounter was filmed. However, when an apparently intoxicated white woman goes on a racist tirade, nothing is reportedly done.

The MTA had announced in the summer that a new crackdown on fare evasion would deploy at least 500 police officers to subway stations across the city. Public Advocate of New York City Jumaane Williams slammed the NYPD for their aggressive tactics toward so-called fare evaders, telling NewsOne in October: “We can’t use police to solve all social ills. Some circumstances police are not equipped. I haven’t even heard him talk about underlying issues. Police can’t be the first response to everything.”

This is America.


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