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A new development has emerged regarding the stabbing death of 18-year-old Barnard College student Tessa Majors. Following a confession from 13-year-old Zyairr Davis, who claimed that two of his 14-year-old classmates were his accomplices in the robbery-gone-wrong, one of the teens will not be facing any charges. The Daily Mail reports that charges have been dropped against one of the 14-year-olds who had been held by police in connection with the murder.

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Davis’ confession implicated the other teen. However, the New York Daily News reports that the charges were dropped on Saturday before the case even made its way to court. It is unclear if the teen will remain a suspect, but a source told the New York Post, “He’s still a suspect. But they want more evidence. They want a stronger case.”

The third teen Davis mentioned is still at large.

As previously reported, Davis appeared in court on Friday where he was held without bail. He was apprehended on Thursday in the lobby of a building near Morningside Park, which is where the brutal killing took place. The 13-year-old was picked up for loitering, but police found a knife on his person and took him in for questioning. He later confessed.

Davis has not yet been formally arraigned, but he is facing charges of second-degree felony murder, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon. He was sent to a juvenile detention center in the Bronx until his next court appearance, which is scheduled for Tuesday.

During Davis’ hearing details of the jarring killing were revealed. NYPD Detective Vincent Signoretti said that Davis and his two classmates went to Morningside Park with intentions of robbing someone. “He stated that he entered the park with two of his friends,” Signoretti said. “The purpose of going into the park that day was to commit a robbery. They followed a man . . . with the intention of robbing him.”

The boys allegedly snatched Majors’ purse and took her cell phone, which was later recovered and used to identify her.

Davis told police that his friend “dropped a knife” as they, along with the other teen, attacked Majors. “Mr. Davis picked [the knife] up and handed it back to [his friend], and then Mr. Davis watched his friends grab the victim, put her in a chokehold and remove items from her pocket,” Signoretti said in court on Friday.

He added that Davis “saw the victim get stabbed. He saw feathers come out of her jacket, and then all three of them ran out of they park … and they went home.”

The Daily Mail notes that under New York State law, the teen can only be tried as an adult if he is charged with intentional murder. This charge would have required Davis to actively participate in the murder.

Additionally, juveniles convicted in New York state’s family courts can typically be sent to detention centers until they are 21. Oftentimes, they are released after.


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