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UPDATED: 8:27 a.m. EDT, Dec. 28 —

Hundreds of international travelers to Ghana are outraged after EgypytAir lost their luggage for days and has refused to acknowledge the passengers’ complaints, according to social media reports that came just as the popular Afrochella Festival was getting underway in the country’s capital city.

Afrochella begins Sunday in Accra. According to Travel Noire, “the official closing event for Ghana’s 2019 Year of Return” has grown well beyond its music festival roots and this year, in coordination with the Ghanaian government, invited people of African descent around the world to commemorate the 400th year since the first enslaves Africans arrived in Jamestown, Virginia.

But social media timelines have been filled with posts devoted to calling out what they claim is EgyptAir’s negligence and refusal to accept responsibility for the missing luggage. Some even called the airline’s staff “racist,” though there was no proof offered for the accusation.

Meanwhile, EgyptAir’s social media channels and media relations section of its website have not acknowledged the claims, leaving outrage among people claiming to be affected by the lost luggage.

It was the latest bad look for a popular international carrier that had just seemingly turned the corner after a lengthy series of tragedies, including one flight that went missing in 2016 and another that was intentionally crashed its co-pilot, killing everybody on board in 1999.

The luggage is said to be lost in Cairo, Egypt.

As of Sunday morning, people claiming to be affected by EgyptAir losing their luggage were still tweeting about their ordeals and claiming there still has been no resolution.

In a video that has been circulating social media, apparent passengers are shown complaining to an airline representative after being without their personal belongings – and answers, for days.

One person claiming to be a traveler commented, “2 days later… STILL NO LUGGAGE! STILL NO CLOTHING!!! I am in a different COUNTRY!! I’ve emailed all my claim numbers flight numbers ETC. NOBODY FROM EGYPT AIR HAS ATTEMPTED TO CONTACT ME. THIS IS A SCAM.”

The user continued: “Why has NO ONE from Egypt air contacted ANYONE who’s luggage is missing!!!! This will be reported on the NEWS! – EGYPT AIR IS STEALING LUGGAGE!!!!!” 

Another person wrote, “What is an adventure with no luggage? It’s a headache even Helen Keller can see that. It has been 8 days and @janineofnuance has not received a response regarding the loss of her luggage from your airline. @egyptair respond with a substantial answer or learn the true power of social media.”

Some folks made apparent references to EgyptAir’s troubled past when questioning why people would still use the airline in the first place.

The comment section on EgyptAir’s Instagram page is flooded with questions and backlash from frustrated travelers and perplexed social media users.

Luckily, Afrochella went on as scheduled, with videos from the event populating YouTube and other social media.

A call to EgyptAir for comment was not immediately returned.


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