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Social media can definitely serve as a time capsule, but when you’re running for a Congressional seat and there are racist social media posts under your belt, they will come to light sooner or later. Kansas City Congressional candidate Maite Salazar, who is running for Missouri’s Fifth District U.S. Congress against Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, is learning her lessons the hard way. After being checked by Rachel R. Gonzalez, a member of the executive committee for the Missouri Democratic Party, for insisting that Rep. Cleaver had a picture of Bill Cosby under his desk when it was actually jazz musician, Al Jarreau, Salazar has now been exposed by Gonzalez for being a racist.

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In a recent Twitter thread, Gonzalez has resurfaced a number of Salazar’s social media posts from burner accounts where she made jokes about Mexicans and insulted former First Lady Michelle Obama, saying “People dislike Michelle Obama bc her face looks like she’s about to take a huge sh*t on the floor and then smile at you before walking away.”

She also called former POTUS Barack Obama a “black Muslim Socialist Leftist Antichrist with a godd*mn undeserved Nobel Peace Prize.”

Prior to sharing her findings, Gonzalez tweeted, “There is a ‘progressive’ challenger to my Congressman, Emanuel Cleaver. Progressives, you are being played. I know some of you will be mad at me for this, but please read it all. Last week, I didn’t know ‪@MaiteSalazar4mo existed until a friend (who was a fan) told me.”

She continued, “Admittedly, I am a huge fan of Rep. Cleaver, but I did want to check out some of the work Maite is doing. So I went to their page and the first thing I found was a racist post that attempted to tie the congressman to a rapist (Bill Cosby) I was not going to let it stand.”

Gonzalez went on to reveal that Salazar goes by several monikers – Monique Maes, Monique Salazar, Monique Maes-Salazar, Maite Salazar and MG Salazar.

One of the Twitter accounts that Gonzalez discovered was from 2010, while the other was created in 2014. Nonetheless, a majority of the tweets Gonzalez shared was under Salazar’s “Monique Maes-Salazar” alias.

Salazar made a comment about the Jewish community as well. “Holy sh*t, @jesus just showed up on my ‘who to follow’ list right after I made a comment referring to Jews. I am so sorry, God,” she wrote.

The Congressional candidate even admitted to being racist in one of the tweets: “My band profile says ‘Musician/Band,’ thought it said, ‘Mexican Band.’ 1st thought, what kind of sh*t is that? 2nd thought: I’m the racist.”

Gonzalez also pointed out the hypocrisy between Salazar’s criticism of Obama when she called him a “black Muslim Socialist Leftist Antichrist.” In the caption of a photo with Brian Matlock, who is a Republican Socialist running for US Senate in Kansas, Salazar said, “I love the smell of socialism in the morning. Reaching across party lines with @KansasBrian.”

Gonzalez closed out the thread revealing that she was hesitant to expose Salazar’s true colors because “people will come after me and be angry, but the truth will always be bigger than lies.”

She added, “Maite Salazar chose to run for congress. I love my district and my country enough to take the time, do the research, and find that truth.”


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