Black leaders in Kansas City held a vigil for Black women who have gone missing on the watch of the Kansas City Police Department.

Is it that hard for Kansas City police to just admit they might have been wrong about something?

Pastor Carlton Funderburke was shocked his congregation didn't buy him a high-end watch.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, who is Black, tweeted screenshots of a text message he got that not only called him the N-word but also said he "should swing from a tree."

Kansas City Congressional candidate exposed as a racist following old social media posts resurfacing from burner accounts.

Kansas City Congressional candidate Maite Salazar confused Al Jarreau for Bill Cosby in an attempt to slander her opponent Rep. Emanuel Cleaver.

One Midwestern prosecutor has been used his influence to expedite plans to continue to prove the innocence of the wrongfully imprisoned.

A federal lawsuit accuses an officer and the Kansas City School district of unconstitutionally handcuffing a second-grader. The child was upset after being bullied by a classmate.

Singer Janelle Monáe took to Twitter on Wednesday evening to mourn the loss of her thirty-seven-year-old cousin, Natasha Hays.

Google announced the release of free internet for residents in the West Bluff neighborhood of Kansas City - the first area wired for Google Fiber.

The child went missing in September, neighbors claimed. The family moved into the large and remote home two years ago. Human remains were found on the property. It hasn't been confirmed if the remains are the missing child.