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Actress Taraji P. Henson is stepping into the beauty industry. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Washington, D.C. native has launched a haircare line.

The collection of products—dubbed TPH by Taraji—was created to promote healthy hair care for individuals with different hair textures. Henson’s personal hair story inspired her to launch the line. TPH by Taraji’s website visually captures her hair journey through the years and states that the line aims to “redefine” how people care for their scalp and tresses. She says she spent nearly a decade perfecting the products which benefit scalp care, hair cleansing, hair repair and other forms of hair treatment.

“Women think that just because you have your hair braided up under a weave or wig that you don’t have to [do anything else]. But you have to take care of it,” said Henson in a statement. “I created applicators that deliver the product to your scalp. It’s not compromised on your fingertips or wasted on your hair.” She also wanted to ensure that her products were affordable. The line—which will make its debut at Target on January 29—includes items that range from $5 to $15.

Henson isn’t the only Black actress who has decided to leap into the beauty industry and create products for individuals with curly and coily tresses. In 2019, Tracee Ellis Ross launched a haircare line dubbed Pattern Beauty. “Beauty does not come from looking like other people or being like other people, which is especially true for Black women,” she said in an interview with Marie Claire. “True beauty is a manifestation of your becoming, and the space that you take up. It’s about knowing yourself, loving yourself, understanding yourself, and nourishing yourself, which is the message of the brand: Meet your hair, heart, self, and soul exactly where you are.”


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