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A Wisconsin nonprofit dedicated to cultivating safe spaces for Black women and girls to focus on health and wellness has taken a major step towards expanding its impact. According to WKOW, the Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness recently made history by opening Dane County’s first wellness center designed for women of color.

The space—dubbed the Black Women’s Health and Wellness Center—officially opened its doors on February 1. Cognizant of the lack of resources provided to help Black women address health issues, the organization was determined to develop a physical location to provide an array of programming that would be instrumental in combating racial health disparities. The center will offer nutrition education workshops, fitness classes, yoga sessions and more; all in an effort to empower women to take charge of their health and foster a sense of community while doing so.

The new center is an extension of the work the organization has been doing for years. Founded by Lisa Peyton-Caire in 2012, the Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness has hosted several events, workshops, training sessions and other activities centered on fitness, health promotion and prevention, financial wellness and leadership development. The nonprofit also focuses on Black maternal health. Peyton-Caire was inspired to launch the organization after her mother passed away due to congestive heart failure.

“When black women do well in our community, everybody does well in our community, so I’m really excited and grateful that this center is open today,” she told the news outlet. “This development is so key to the impact that we will continue to make in Black women’s health in Dane County and recognizing the wonderful development of our history.”

Many entrepreneurs have created spaces—both physical and digital—designed to empower Black women to develop holistically healthy lifestyles. Christina Rice founded a social wellness club for women of color dubbed OMNoire.


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