Bob Spindell, the vice chair of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, claimed he's done more for Black people than any other white Republican.


Donations for their mother are pouring in.

Josh Schoemann thinks he and those he represents are being treated unfairly because they're white—in Wisconsin.


Wisconsin Elections Commission vice chair Bob Spindell said the quiet part out loud.

Mandela Barnes was defeated by GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Tuesday night in Wisconsin, sending Johnson back to the Senate for his third term.

The first Wisconsin Senate debate exposed the GOP's false narratives on crime and more.


Steven Huss was arrested and charged with beating Natasha Fuller in Appleton, Wisconsin because Fuller started recording him.

Wisconsin's lieutenant governor reacted to claims the Republican senator provided fake electors to overturn the 2020 election.

Wisconsin cop Joseph Mensah has killed three people in five years and never been charged.

Police Brutality

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, Jerrel Perez, the father of a 12-year-old Black girl wants prosecutors to charge an off-duty police officer, Shawn Guetschow, who was seen on video pressing his knee into his daughter’s neck while handcuffing her after a school fight.


During a town hall meeting on Wednesday, Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson suggested gargling mouthwash as a viable treatment for COVID-19 saying, “Standard gargle, mouthwash, has been proven to kill the coronavirus.”

There is probable cause to criminally charge trigger-happy Wisconsin police officer Joseph Mensah, who has a history of killing suspects, for the fatal shooting of a Black man named Jay Anderson Jr. in 2016, a judge ruled on Wednesday.