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Aside from her melodic voice, songstress H.E.R. is known for always donning a pair of stylish shades. The California native—whose real name is Gabriella Wilson—has decided to capitalize on her style. According to WWD, she has teamed up with the company Diff Eyewear for the creation of a new collection of sunglasses.

She shared that she wears shades so individuals can focus on her artistry. “It’s easier for people to judge what they don’t like about someone when they know exactly what they’re looking at,” she told Refinery29. “I just want it to be all about the music. Forget the clothes, the looks, the name, the backstory…you’re here for the music.” The accessory that she used to maintain a sense of anonymity has grown into her signature. The line of glasses—dubbed H.E.R. x Diff Eyewear—features four pieces that are all representative of her style. They are each priced at $85. “I want people to feel their inner H.E.R.!” she told Billboard. “When I wear my sunglasses, I feel mysterious. But at the same time, you can still get to know me. Some people when they have shades on, they feel closed off to the world. But I think these glasses do the opposite. They’re a lot more bold and a lot more lively and help someone like me actually be less of an introvert.” The collection launched on February 28.

This isn’t the first time that Wilson has teamed up with a fashion brand to create a collection. In collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, she launched a line of sustainable garments.

Several Black music artists are taking their influence beyond their industry and stepping into spaces like beauty and fashion. Salt-N-Pepa recently launched a makeup collection in collaboration with Milani Cosmetics. The 90s-inspired line features four products named after the group’s classic songs and albums including two lip kits called “Push It” and “Shoop” as well as the Hot, Kool and Vicious and Very Necessary eyeshadow and highlighter palettes.


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