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A GoFundMe page has been launched for Dr. Umar Johnson, but not raise funds for a cause that would potentially benefit him. The crowdfunding page was created to secure a flight to “beat Dr Umar Johnson’s ass.” The page, which has a goal of $500, will assist the creator of the fundraiser, Truth Watson – a battle rapper from South Carolina, in traveling to wherever Dr. Umar is, so he can carry out his mission.

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“Hello guys,” the page’s description began. “For the last 6 or 7 months, I have been doing my research on Dr. Umar Johnson. And I am not happy with what I discovered. He is arrogant, he has buck teeth & he pretended to be on the phone with goons on an Instagram live.”

It continued, “After gathering all information, I decided that I am going to fly to wherever he is located and beat his ass. All donations are welcomed for flight/lodging. I will record the ass whoopin and upload it in real time. Remember ‘donate a piece of cash if you want me to beat his ass’.  thank you for the support.”

The GoFundMe page has since been deleted. However, it appears that the creator of the page attempted to send Dr. Umar $1 via Cash App and his donation was declined.

Dr. Umar has been at the center of much criticism and many controversies for his self-fulfilling prophecies. He once said queer people are a “conspiracy” to control the population. He argued, “single Black mothers” psychologically castrate their sons. He claimed light-skinned Black people aren’t really Black. Umar’s rants are often filled with calling other Black folks coons and dirty ni****s. The list of ridiculousness uttered from Dr. Umar is plentiful and at times, laughable. But most times, problematic.

Most recently, a video surfaced of Dr. Umar speaking on the qualifications one must meet in order to receive reparations. He said, “Before I give Black folks any type of resources for reparations, you cannot get reparations if you’re not with a Black woman. Anybody who’s dating out the race, do not get reparations. I’m being straight serious about that. You do not get any reparations if you do not live in a Black community,” adding, “you’re not getting reparations if you have a weave or a perm or blonde hair. Any type of European behavior, you don’t get reparations.”

Dr. Umar has also announced that he will be going on a speaking tour amid the coronavirus pandemic, despite the country being advised to stay home and avoid congregating in spaces with more than 10 people, unless it is for essential purposes.

The self-proclaimed Prince of Pan Afrikanism doesn’t cease to amaze.


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