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Two former Texas State athletes have been moved to call out their former coach following the protests against anti-Black violence across the country.

According to USA Today, former point guard for the TS basketball team, Jaylen Shead, was the first to call out coach Danny Kaspar. He claimed that Kaspar used degrading and racist language to motivate players.

Shead, who transferred to Washington State for his final season, said on Twitter, “I could not turn away from the many racially insensitive things that were said to me and other teammates.”

Shead made a number of claims on Thursday against Kasper. He said he would tell Black players to “chase that bucket of chicken” to get them to run faster during drills. He also said that the coach would tell Black players that if they didn’t reach a 2.2 GPA or higher, they would end up working at Popeyes.

In addition to this, Shead said Kasper told an international player that he’d have him deported for not bringing on his best game. Kasper also tried to motivate athletes to run by saying they would go faster if a “brown man with a (turban) and an AK-47” entered the practice sessions, according to Shead.


Alex Peacock, a former Texas State teammate of Shead’s, also backed the allegations. According to him, the fear of losing a scholarship kept players from speaking out.