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GoFundMe has shut down Candace Owens‘ latest attempt to prove she is the Blackest anti-Black person this world has ever seen. The online crowdfunding website determined her efforts to raise money for a racist white man violated the terms of its service.

In a move that she was probably hoping would further endear her to the very people who actually hate her and people who look like her, Owens started the online crowdfunding campaign for a bar owner in Alabama who called George Floyd a “thug” in a social media post that also addressed protesters as “idiots.” Michael Dykes blamed those “idiots” for him not being able to open his bar, Parkside Cafe, in Birmingham for “normal hours” before he careened off the racist deep end.

“Mr. floyd was a thug,” Dykes wrote on Parkside Cafe’s Instagram. “didn’t deserve to die but honoring a thug is irresponsible.” The unidentified person who first publicized the Instagram post said he or she works for Dykes, “the most hateful person i have ever met.”

Enter Candace Owens, who is fresh off trying to criminalize Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd in death and blame for their own homicides. Apparently, when she got word that a white man was being exposed as a racist, she threw on her superhero white hood and flew to the rescue of Dykes in the form of starting a GoFundMe account.

“That’ll show them,” Owens probably thought about anybody — especially Black people — offended at Dykes’ racist trope used to describe a Black man who was unarmed and handcuffed with Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on Floyd’s neck until he died.

The GoFundMe had allegedly collected more than $200,000 when the campaign was removed from the site, Owens tweeted on Sunday. She said Dykes would still get that money. In rejecting Owens’ GoFundMe for Dykes, the site said she had specifically violated one of its terms that addresses, “support of hate.”

Owens has been a recent tear to outdo her self-hatred with every step she takes. However, even her hateful rhetoric that’s made her the darling of the sunken movement of young, Black conservatives has been too much for them as of late. After Owens  — the same person who sympathized with Adolf Hitler and tried to convince Congress that white supremacy doesn’t exist — accused Arbery of “breaking into” a property, she referred to the notion that he was jogging as a “bullshit narrative” and suggested he was a criminal on that fateful February day he was gunned down by accused murderers, Gregory and Travis McMichael. That prompted wide condemnation from Black conservatives who have previously worked with and aligned themselves with Owens’ work supporting Donald Trump.

Not to be outdone, Owens accused Floyd without any proof of having drugs when he was arrested and scoffed at people treating him like a “martyr.” She even defended Amy Cooper, the white woman also known as Central Park Karen who called police on a Black man who asked her to leash her dog while bird-watching.

So it’s only logical that now, she is going out of her way to support a racist white man who resorts to using racist tropes to describe Black people during one of the most important civil rights moments in modern history.

This is America.


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