GoFundMe's policies are being questioned after an account for the French cop who killed an unarmed Black teen raised nearly $2 million.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

A GoFundMe has begun. "We can’t afford a lawyer,“ the teen's mother said.

After actor and comedian Anthony "A.J." Johnson's widow gave an emotional plea for financial help following her husband's death, donations have poured into the GoFundMe account she initially suggested wasn't getting enough support.

A mother of three has sued Dasha Kelly, whose GoFundMe raised hundreds of thousands of dollars amid allegations of misrepresentation in order to solicit donations to help her pay rent and avoid eviction in Nevada.

Donors to a GoFundMe started by "mother" Dasha Kelly to stave off her pending eviction have been refunded tens of thousands of dollars after it was revealed she is not the biological mother of children she lives with.

Public Figures

There is an online report that former NBA player Latrell Sprewell set up. GoFundMe account seeking money to help pay for cancer treatment for his sick granddaughter.


GoFundMe has shut down Candace Owens' latest attempt to prove she is the Blackest anti-Black person this world has ever seen.

A GoFundMe campaign for L’Daijohnique Lee surpassed a milestone.