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Breonna Taylor‘s former neighbor whose apartment was also hit by the same police gunfire that resulted in a weak indictment of a fired cop is wondering why the shots that ripped through his home weren’t factored into last week’s charges. Former Louisville police officer Brett Hankison, the lone person being held accountable in the shooting, was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for the bullets that hit a separate apartment that had white people living in it.

But Stanley David, who is Black, was sleeping in his bedroom alongside his young daughter when three Louisville police officers opened fire while botching the execution of a suspiciously obtained no-knock warrant, sending bullets flying through his apartment, which is directly above where Taylor lived. David’s elderly mother, a child she was babysitting and that child’s father were also in the apartment at the time of the shooting on March 13.


Their lives were also wantonly — and recklessly — endangered, facts that theoretically should have been considered by the Kentucky Attorney General’s office when Daniel Cameron presented their case to a grand jury earlier this month.

“My apartment was hit too,” David told the Louisville Courier-Journal in an exclusive interview. “The bullet that came through my floor right in front of my bedroom door, if that bullet went through my bed, maybe I would have been dead too. I’m a human being too.”

One bullet went through the hallway floor and another hit outside David’s bedroom door.

The indictment itself challenges logic. It is based on the premise that Hankinson, along with Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and detective Myles Cosgrove, all fired their guns a total of at least 30 times after Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, suspected burglars when he heard someone at the apartment door. When it was forced in off the hinges, Walker got his gun he’s legally permitted to own and fired a shot toward the door that hit Mattingly. Therefore, Cameron said, “Mattingly and Cosgrove were justified in their use of force after having been fired upon by Kenneth Walker,” in effect blaming Taylor’s boyfriend for her own death.

David, a 47-year-old who is originally from the West African country of Liberia, recalled the experience he lived through as being “terrible.”

He said he knew Taylor and refuted the law enforcement narrative that she was knowingly involved in illegal activities.

“Breonna was nobody like they claim,” he said. “For as long as I knew her, I didn’t see anybody coming there with anything like that. There weren’t people coming in and out. It was only she and her boyfriend.”

Cameron during his press conference suggested that is to blame for her death. Walker said he

David said no one in his apartment heard the police knock or announce themselves at Taylor’s apartment, contradicting Cameron’s opposite assertion when he defended the grand jury’s decision Wednesday.

“I don’t think that’s right,” he said of her death and the decision not to charge any of the officers in her killing. “Breonna was not doing drugs, and she got killed for nothing. She never had a gun. She did not shoot any shots.”

Cameron said last week that one single witness claimed he or she heard police announce themselves, but at least a dozen other witnesses interviewed said they didn’t hear anything before bullets rang out.

David said the shooting has affected his family’s mental health, especially his young daughter. He has problems sleeping at night. He and his family moved from the apartment complex in June.

The Courier-Journal’s report came as calls were growing louder for Cameron and his office to release the grand jury transcripts to see exactly what the attorney general presented. Ben Crump, a civil rights attorney representing Taylor’s family, said the indictment “doesn’t make sense” and that Taylor’s family was “outraged, they were insulted, and they were mostly offended.”


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