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The global health crisis has exacerbated financial woes for several historically Black colleges and universities throughout the country. The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated is on a mission to ensure the institutions that are pillars in the Black community are able to survive the pandemic. The sorority recently raised $1 million to benefit HBCUs.

The fundraising effort was part of Alpha Kappa Alpha’s HBCU Impact Day. The annual event was designed to support the financial security of accredited HBCUs across the nation. Dr. Glenda Glover, who serves as AKA International President and Chief Executive Officer, says HBCU Impact Day is part of a larger four-year, $10 million fundraising effort. Cognizant of the financial barriers that HBCUs have had to grapple with—especially in the midst of COVID-19—the sorority was determined to drive change. During this year’s fundraiser, they were able to reach $1.3 million through contributions that were made online from private donors, corporate matching campaigns and local AKA chapters. Among the HBCU endowment recipients were Medgar Evers College, Delaware State University, St. Phillips College and Lane College.

HBCU Impact Day is also used as an avenue to spread awareness about the importance of historically Black colleges and universities and encourage students to further their education at these institutions. “These institutions continue to make a powerful impact in our communities and throughout our country, graduating 22 percent of all African-Americans with bachelor’s degrees, nearly 80 percent of all African-American judges and 50 percent of all Black lawyers,” Dr. Glover said in a statement. “It’s gratifying to know that funds raised will establish endowments, providing sustainability to our historically Black colleges and universities.”

Alpha Kappa Alpha has been at the forefront of several philanthropic initiatives. In June, the sorority announced the creation of scholarships for George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter Gianna and his granddaughters.


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