For many members, Harris represents an important milestone in the organization's history, becoming the first Black woman to hold the office of Vice President.

Good News

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority recently raised over $1 million to support the financial stability of HBCUs.

Good News

Florida A&M University Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters teamed up with Lovengood Lips to raise money for a scholarship fund designed to support young women at FAMU.

The University of Alabama announced a new plan to address racism among its sororities and fraternities. This comes after a campus newspaper exposed systemic racism in the membership selection process.

Alpha Delta Pi sorority at Samford University defied authorities to print racially insensitive images on T-shirts. Social officials apologized to the school's community and launched an investigation.

Yup, people still haven’t learned that blackface just isn’t cool. Black student groups at UCLA are up in arms about a predominantly White fraternity and sorority holding a “Kanye Western”-themed party. According to the student paper, the party-goers dressed in baggy clothes, blackface, and traditional Kardashian-like attire. UCLA students protest after guests wear blackface to […]

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