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Voters in the congressional district represented by the late John Lewis were responsible for casting the ballots that pushed Joe Biden past Donald Trump in Georgia as the president got closer to meeting his political demise. The development came as America anxiously awaits the presidential election results in several key states.

Absentee ballots from Clayton County voters were tabulated overnight and have given Biden the slimmest of leads over Trump, whose path to winning 270 electoral college votes were all but eliminated by the early morning developments. As of about 6:30 Friday morning, Biden was enjoying a lead of more than 1,000 votes. It was a significant achievement considering he trailed Trump by hundreds of thousands of votes after all of the ballots cast on Election Day were counted.

It was the votes submitted via mail and dropped off at polling places in Clayton County during the early voting period that proved to be the difference.

The location of where the votes originated matters, as those ballots were cast in part by the former constituents of John Lewis, the civil rights icon whose famous promise to make “good trouble” has apparently come back to haunt Trump, who disparaged the longtime Georgia congressman in life as well as in death.

Lewis, who was also a voting rights pioneer in his own right, represented Georgia’s 5th Congressional District — which includes parts of Fulton, Dekalb and Clayton counties as well as Atlanta and nearby suburbs — from 1987 until his death in July. He famously butted heads with Trump, who said he felt disrespected when the late congressman said he intended to skip the president’s inauguration in 2017.

That prompted Trump to go on one of his patented racist Twitter rants targeting Lewis and his constituents, claiming in part he “should spend more time on fixing and helping his district” and “finally focus on the burning and crime infested inner-cities.”

Now, it would seem, Lewis and his former constituents in Clayton County are getting the last laugh as America prepares to fire Trump.

Clayton County has long been a Democratic stronghold in the traditionally so-called red stat that has historically been won by Republican presidential candidates. While the race in Georgia was far from over, the overall trend suggested Biden will continue to benefit from still-uncounted ballots cast by like-minded voters in Clayton and other Democratic-heavy counties in Georgia like Dekalb.

At stake is the state’s 16 electoral college votes. If Georgia’s state election is certified, those votes would be added to Biden’s existing 253 (some outlets have him at 264) electoral college votes to secure the requisite 270 electoral college votes to effectively make him the president-elect.

Votes are still being counted in Pennsylvania — where Biden has been making up ground rapidly in the same fashion shown with Georgia’s absentee ballots — along with Arizona, Nevada, other states where the Democratic nominee has also made serious strides.


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