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As expected, the white woman who was captured hurling racial slurs at a Black bakery worker in New York City offered no apologies for the event in a series of social media posts.

Stephanie Denaro, a pro-Trump, COVID-denying, anti-vaxxing racist unleashed more fury on Instagram, openly showing no remorse after calling a Black worker a “b—h ass n—-r” during a recent visit to Davidovich Bakery located in Essex Market on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

“I came here to say this,” she began, according to the New York Daily News. “I STAND BY WHAT I SAID!!!!! You mistreat me with my children. You infringed on my freedoms. I have freedom of speech. I can SAY WHAT I FEEL. Leave me alone and stop attacking me for saying my opinion.”

She went on to say she was only sorry for saying “something like that in front of my children.”

Denaro then regulated the issue as arbitrary, making the tired argument that if Black people are allowed to say it, she should be allowed to.

“But to say a variance of a word is off limits because of somebody’s skin tone? That’s just a weird way form of gate-keeping. If a Black mother was using these words wouldn’t it be child abuse too?”

Denaro’s four bi-racial children were by her side during the encounter which took place after the worker asked Denaro to wear a mask for social distancing precautions. After Denaro refused, the worker told Denaro she would be denied service and asked her to leave.

“Why? ‘Cause he’s a b—h ass n—-r?” she said in response, prompting nearby patrons to respond in shock. Denaro then began repeating the slur in the video.

Denaro was eventually escorted out by security. The NYPD said it will not be investigating the matter.

Davidovich Bakery voiced their support for the worker in a Tuesday Facebook post.

“We want to commend our employee on his handling of the sad incident which occurred at the Essex Market. We stand with all our employees for handling this situation of hate and bigotry with professionalism and grace,” the statement reads.

Social media captured multiple snapshots of Denaro’s racist, erratic behavior. Following the incident at Davidovich Bakery, Denaro was filmed harassing an Asian shopper at a nearby Whole Foods.

Using multiple Instagram accounts, Denaro repeatedly posts her bizarre encounters, including one recent post where she showed an empty bus where a driver was forced to curb the bus after she refused to wear a mask.

In one post, Denaro claimed that she’s a Black woman, posting a forged ancestry breakdown that said she was 39 percent Nigerian.

“All of you hating on me for no reason! News flash!!!! I AM BLACK!!!!!’ Denaro posted on Instagram on Tuesday.

“My skin color does not look dark but my ancestry results came back as me being black! So do not be mad at me no more.”

She also claimed that she has no issue using the N-word since her children are bi-racial.

Social media users questioned the safety of her children over her erratic posts and alleged that CPS removed her children from her care on at least one occasion.


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