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NYC bakery racist white lady

Source: Reddit / r/PublicFreakout

A video that showed a racist white woman in New York City shamelessly calling a Black bakery employee the N-word, and then some, has gone viral, thanks to a bystander filming the encounter and posting it to social media.

However, the NYPD reportedly said it will not be investigating.

The woman — an anti-masker identified as Stephanie Denaro who was with three children, including one in a baby stroller — who remained unidentified as of Wednesday morning, was refused service at Davidovich Bakery in the Essex Market on Manhattan’s Lower East Side because she refused to wear a mask while ordering bagels. She said she couldn’t wear one because of a “medical problem.”

The Daily Dot reported that the children with the woman were of “mixed-race.”

After the employee informed the woman she would not be served unless she put on a mask, she refused to move and demanded service, prompting a security officer to intervene.

When the security officer told the would-be bagel-buyer that she wouldn’t be served and asked her to leave, the woman did her best Karen impression and had the audacity to ask unabashedly: “Why? ‘Cause he’s a bitch ass nigger?”

Yes, with a hard R.

When other people in line reacted in shock, the woman doubled down on her racist hatred.

“That’s what he is! That’s what he is!” she insisted before repeating the racist epithet: “Bitch ass nigger…I just said it!”

Still setting with racist rage, the woman told the security guard, “I can call him whatever I want.”

While the security guard said she was going to call the police, the NYPD told the Daily Mail that there is no police report or 9-11 call on file so they have nothing to investigate — despite the obvious existence of the viral video that clearly shows the woman’s face.

Watch the unfortunate video below.

The Daily Dot also reported that Denaro — who has been pictured in a MAGA hat — “once deliberately sent her kids to school without signing a consent form for random COVID-19 tests, defying repeated requests from the school.”

The situation didn’t get violent, but it was eerily reminiscent of a woman racially profiling a Black teenage boy and accusing him of stealing her iPhone without proof late last year in a hotel in New York City. In that instance, Miya Ponsetto tackled Keyon Herrold Jr. while a bystander recorded the incident, earning her the nickname of “SoHo Karen.”

Perhaps learning from that unfortunate moment, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, which oversees Essex Market, quickly issued a statement condemning the incident.

Conversely, an employee for the Arlo SoHo Hotel — where “SoHo Karen” assaulted the teen the day after Christmas — appeared to validate the unfounded accusation against Harrold Jr.

As a result, renowned civil rights attorney Ben Crump was set to announce his intent to sue the Arlo Hotel company for racial profiling.

This is America.


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