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"Candace" Hosted By Candace Owens

Candace Owens and her diverse supporters. | Source: Jason Davis / Getty

In classic Candace Owens form, the conservative political huckster-turned random talk show host whose self-hatred takes a backseat only to her anti-Black agenda took to Twitter to spew some nonsensical Republican talking points that bore her signature lack of logic.

This time around, the same person who once imagined Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in sympathetic terms tweeted that “Black America” owes her an apology for failing to heed her alleged advice about immigration at the southern border, where, she argued without proof, Democrats have chosen to “import new voters.”

She argued that doing so would render Black voters “irrelevant.”

Wow. There’s a lot to unpack there.

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First, she is assuming that all Black voters cast ballots alike, a “monolith” stereotype she has vehemently pushed back against in the past. Secondly, at face value, probably not one single person can immediately cite any instance when Owens “warned” about immigration. Even if they could, it’s even more doubtful they would be able to make any credible link between the immigration crisis at the border and the so-called “black vote.”

But to then, finally, make the gigantic leap to conclude that those so-called imported new voters would all but wipe out the effectiveness of Black voters –the same group largely credited with saving democracy in the 2020 election — is the epitome of intellectual dishonesty.

Nonetheless, Owens tried to go there, complete with attributing her claim to a Fox News reporter whose tweet made no mention of anything or anyone particularly Black. Instead, Bill Melugin drew attention to “up to 1,000 people” he said were migrants at the U.S. southern border — the same 1,000 people Owens wants her supporters to believe will be “making the black vote irrelevant.”

It was in that context that Owens on Monday had the audacity to fix her Twitter fingers and tweet that, “Whenever black America is ready, I’ll accept apologies for the refusal to listen as I warned for YEARS that if Democrats got control, they would import new voters over the border—making the black vote irrelevant.”

She ended the tweet by throwing in: “Trump’s wall was never racist, it just disrupted their evil plan.”

Owens quote-tweeted a video posted by Melugin, who claimed the footage showed “the largest group of migrants we’ve ever seen being held by Border Patrol under Anzalduas Bridge in Mission, TX.”

So, to recap, Owens is not only trying to blame Black voters for the country’s immigration crisis that proliferated to unimaginably inhumane and racist proportions under the Trump administration — which she co-signed on multiple occasions — but she is also telling those same Black voters to specifically apologize to her for helping to elect Democrats, who she is suggesting are plotting to replace Black voters with migrants seeking asylum and citizenship.

Of course, aside from it being a ludicrous conspiracy theory, there’s one glaring problem with Owens’ premise: it’s wrong.

In fact, it was just reported on Tuesday that the Biden administration is actually keeping a Trump-era pandemic policy that places limits on the number of migrants seeking asylum.

“The Biden administration has decided to leave in place for now the public health rule that has allowed it to turn away hundreds of thousands of migrants,” the New York Times reported.

But never mind the details…

What’s probably closer to the truth is that Owens is still stinging from her Blexit organization backfiring after unsuccessfully trying to convince Black people to leave the Democratic Party as a way to help sway the 2020 election in favor of Donald Trump‘s re-election efforts. Instead, Black voters cast ballots in a historic repudiation of Trump, and by extension Owens.

That could be why Owens has apparently resorted to infomercial-style drifting, as evidenced by her involvement in the sale of the so-called Freedom Phone, a device that she is disingenuously billing as the next coming in cellphones when, according to reports, it’s actually an iPhone knockoff.

Notably, Owens tweeted while using an iPhone that she “partnered with a SOLUTION against Apple” for the Freedom Phone, showing that not even she believes her own lies.

The Freedom Phone hustle was a departure from her months-long anti-vaxxing campaign, something for which she has been hilariously trolled — especially after the staunch conservative who has said she is anti-abortion unintentionally advocated for pro-choice while making an anti-vaxx argument.

Those are but two examples of the growing list of receipts proving Candace Owens is a con artists following the money.

Is there really any reason to believe that Owens’ purported demand for an apology from Black America is any different?


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