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Natalia Bryant Lands Her First Major Feature: Teen Vogue’s September Issue


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Life has been quite the worldwide for Natalia Bryant. The IMG Model and recent high school graduate is flourishing right before our eyes in her first major feature and photo shoot with Teen Vogue. For the magazine’s September issue, we learn more about the gentle ambitious daughter to the greatest basketball player of all time – Kobe Bryant.

The quiet 18-year-old is embarking on a new chapter that includes attending the University of Southern California where she plans to major in film. The multifaceted young adult shows us her interests are more than just volleyball and modeling. In the interview, Natalia reveals that her father plays a major role in her love for films. The two shared intimate moments together where they’d watch different genres of movies. She also revealed that of her two parents, she will be the first to go to college.

Natalia recognizes that her introverted nature makes fans hard to get to know her. Most have never heard her voice until she posted a TikTok video one day. She’s letting people in, little by little.

Just a few days ago, Natalia posted a short clip to her Instagram page. In partnership with IMG models, the “Getting to Know: Natalia Bryant” video reveals interesting facts about the model like what attracted her to the fashion industry.

“Get to know me with #imgoriginals !! I had so much fun filming this with the @imgmodels team💛Click the link in my bio to watch the full episode!” she captioned the clip.

Natalia’s Teen Vogue interview reveals a lot about the rising star. It’s clear that between her tenacity and ambition, there’s nothing this young woman can’t do. Even though her family has been through a lot, Natalia’s presence on the cover of Teen Vogue reveals a steadiness that most would not be able to to muster. She is a true inspiration.

Natalia’s father Kobe Bryant and her little sister Gianna Bryant died in a tragic plane crash on January 26, 2020. All nine people aboard the plane died. Natalia continues to build on her families legacy as she takes her father’s famous “Mamba Mentality” and applies it to some of her biggest dreams.

Read the full interview here.


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