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Let me start by admitting I have not seen the movie “Karen,” which aired on BET on Tuesday night. I’ll probably get around to hate-watching it eventually, but I’m in no rush because if I wanted to watch racist, entitled white women who are allergic to leaving Black people alone, I could just, well, continue to exist in America and know it won’t be long before a fresh episode comes my way.

So far, movie reviewers appear to have arrived at a consensus that “Karen” is an absurdly bad movie that is still mildly amusing and entertaining, particularly for Black people who will appreciate the vindication the film provides as any of us have been living this horror story our entire lives.

So, since I can’t rightfully give y’all an educated review of the movie, which we knew from the trailer was basically going to be a Great Value “Get Out” knockoff, I will instead review commentary on the Coke Daniels film from one of my favorite sources of entertainment and reliable documentation: Black Twitter.

Let’s start with a tweet that makes a point I hinted at earlier and one that asks the most obvious question: Why are we the target audience for this movie?

Bruh, seriously! We can’t barbeque at the park, birdwatch or even catch a flight without having to watch the real-life version of this film. Showing this movie to us is like taking Tyler Perry to a bad wig festival.

Speaking of which…

Nah, for real, what in the lice-prison-break is going on with that wig?

Clearly, many viewers of the melanin-rich variety thought this was more of a comedy than a horror flick.

Other viewers knew from jump that the real horror here would be the act of sitting through all 89 minutes of this D-movie dumpster fire.

Obviously, a lot of the tweets on this film include spoilers, so I can’t give you all of them here, but I will act in my official capacity as a non-bad-movie-watcher critic and give Black Twitter’s review five stars, a 10/10 and a 100% on whatever the negro alternative to Rotten Tomatoes would be.

I highly recommend it.


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