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In today’s episode of Oregon Wants To Be Texas So Bad, the school district in Newberg, Ore., is dealing with an influx of flagrant caucasity taking place among both students and staff, including an incident involving students participating in a racist Snapchat group called “Slave Trade.”

Insider reported that it reviewed photos posted to Instagram showing a student at Newberg High School sharing photos of two Black classmates captioned “100$ each,” and another melanin-deficient ingrate responding, “I’ll take them for 150 as the pair.” One participant in this display of fantasy white supremacy was identified and he admitted to being involved with the group chat, which he said took place two years ago.

Among other racist and homophobic comments, one message in the chat reportedly read, “All blacks should die. Let’s have another holocaust.”

Newberg High School principal Tami Erion said school officials believe that the “I heart negroes in chains” group (that’s not what it’s called, but it’s clearly the energy it’s going for) is actually a nationwide chat started in Michigan and that only one student from the Newberg district took part in it.

Erion also called the chat “very serious and inappropriate” and said that the Newberg community continues to grapple with issues of “diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging”—and booooy, is that the understatement of the year. (Or last 400 years give or take.)

NewsOne recently reported on an incident in the same school district in which a white special education staffer at Mable Rush Elementary came to school in Blackface claiming she was cosplaying Rosa Parks in protest of a mandate that all Oregon teachers and other school staff must be vaccinated by Oct. 18. This, of course, was a two-fold display of caucasified racism, first, because of the Blackface and second, because some ditsy white woman thinks vaccine mandates are comparable to Jim Crow and the civil rights movement.

Mind you, the Newberg school board just voted last month to ban Black Lives Matter and Pride flags from district buildings. Apparently, these school officials represent the epitome of if “worried about the wrong thing” was a school board.

Imagine voting to ban BLM flags for white fragility’s sake only to have your district end up all over the news because it’s lousy with loud and proud racists who either don’t think our lives matter at all or think our fight for equality is comparable to anti-vaxx morons and their fight to prolong this pandemic for as long as they can.

The power of whiteness, I tell ya.


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