Southwick Regional High School students in Massachusetts are accused of of creating a "slave auction" in a Snapchat group called "Black people are low class."

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Kenny Mitchell has addressed a viral video in which a Black man's claims of wealth from investing in Snapchat were greeted with doubts.

Race Matters

Florida school district had sympathetic words for a pair of suspected white supremacist students, including one wearing a white hood, after a video on social media showed them using racist slurs.


An incident involving Oregon high school students participating in a racist Snapchat group called "Slave Trade" is coming back to haunt some of its members.

A high school principal in Colorado decided to quit weeks after a photo of several of her students re-enacting the horrific murder of George Floyd went viral on social media.

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Kenny Mitchell has become Snapchat’s first Black C-suite executive.

So much for the younger generation being more open minded and progressive. A  student from Pleasant Grove High School in Elk Grove, California, went on a racist rant that has been viewed nearly three million times. According to the Elk Grove Tribune, her name is Desirae Fernandez and she said on her Snapchat, “Black people are […]


The parents of a Black Woodlands High School student are considering legal action after their daughter received racist Snapchat messages.