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Sunday, Oct. 10 marks “World Mental Health Day,” a time to reflect and take a beat. The World Health Organization describes the day as an opportunity to raise awareness about mental health issues and mobilize support for mental health efforts.

Conversations about mental health and wellness have become more prevalent since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Public transparency about mental health has also increased, breaking through long-held stigma around mental health.

Over the summer, both Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka used their public platforms to not only discuss mental health but put their battles in perspective. Kimberly Atkins Stohr took the opportunity to reshare her op-ed from July about lessons from Biles, destigmatizing mental healthcare, and precisely why Black women should find the strength to say no. (Read the full op-ed here).

Former football wide receiver Doug Baldwin Jr. tweeted about the importance of seeking support when needed. “It’s OK to not be OK, but we should seek support when we can,” tweeted Baldwin. “Organizations like @docwaynedtg are using sports to help strengthen mental health for the 20% of children living with a mental health challenge. We never know who needs our words of advocacy.”

The organization Baldwin mentions is Doc Wayne, a non-profit therapy program that uses sports to reimagine therapy. Even with innovative programs like Doc Wayne, barriers to therapy and other treatment methods remain.

Partnering with Radio One D.C. Princess-India, also known as “The Woke Therapist,” provides viewers with 23 tips to help with managing their mental health. Check out her tips and more below. 

As we recover from the ramifications of a global pandemic and slowly assimilate to a “new normal” now more than ever, our mental health is a priority. That’s why for World Mental Health Awareness Day, I’m here to share some practical tips, tools, and resources to help you take care of yourself and prioritize your mental health so that you can live your very best life!

Princess-India, “The Woke Therapist,” is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Best Selling Author, & Youtube Personality. She is the creator of Tarot Therapy® and aims to use her content & services to educate, heal, and inspire. She is also the owner of The Sanctuary Sister Circle (an online spiritual community) and Soul Culture Counseling & Healing Lounge, where she provides virtual therapy, coaching, & Tarot Therapy® sessions.

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