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After already breaking barriers as both the first woman and Black person to be elected as New York State Attorney General, political powerhouse Letitia “Tish” James is continuing her rise in the Democratic ranks by officially going to run for governor.

If she is elected, James would become the first Black woman governor in the United States’ 245-year history.

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James will be a top competitor for current New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, who filled the role following Andrew Cuomo’s resignation this past summer due to a handful of sexual harassment accusations. Hochul is also expected to run officially in next year’s election.

See how both ladies fare against one another below, via the Associated Press:

“Hochul, who is from the Buffalo area, entered office with a reputation as a political centrist but has been striving to win over New York City progressives, making numerous appearances in the city during her first months in office.

James, who was born and raised in Brooklyn and made her first run for City Council as a candidate of the liberal Working Families Party, would have the reverse task of winning over upstate Democrats who might be more conservative.”

As many will remember, James played a huge role in cementing Cuomo’s exit as governor after her office released an explosive report corroborating claims of sexual harassment made by 11 women.

For those that believe this might be an uphill battle for James, just know she is far from new to holding her own in a political fight. From a handful of investigations into Trump’s business affairs, even suing him on multiple occasions over federal policies on immigration, to a standout financial mismanagement lawsuit against the NRA, James has certainly proven that she’s more than qualified for the position.

The primary election for New York governor begins is scheduled for next summer in June, followed by the general election going down in November 2022. Although we’re sure that more candidates will enter the pool — hello, Reverend Al Sharpton! — we’re definitely here for Letitia James to make political history once again.


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