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A New Hampshire judge has issued a temporary restraining order on a white woman who was accused of telling a 9-year-old-black child she would “kneel on his neck.”

According to a civil rights lawsuit filed in Stratford County Superior Court, on May 10, Kristina Graper’s son and the young black boy were playing in a neighborhood park on May 10. Graper’s son pushed the boy, which caused him to accidentally break the toy they were playing with. Graper’s son immediately ran home to tell his mother what happened.

According to court documents, Graper eventually caught up with the boy and started threatening him. A witnessing bystander confronted Graper and questioned her for screaming at the child, but Graper continued. The young black boy tried to escape her wrath by fleeing to a family friend’s home that was nearby, but Graper continued screaming at the boy. Visibly shaken and scared, the 9-year-old eventually had to be walked home by a family friend.

When police approached Graper almost a month later she denied telling the boy she would kneel on his neck, but did recall saying “You wonder why you guys get (expletive) kneeled on.

What a terrible thing to say to a 9-year-old boy.

Graper also claimed to she never used any racial slurs when talking to the boy, but later admitted she used the slur because “they don’t know who to shut their (expletive) pie holes.”

Court documents also described that the boy was well aware of the murder of George Floyd and the reference of “kneeling on his neck” terrified the boy. Since the incident, he’s too traumatized to go back to the park.

According to the restraining order, Graper cannot communicate with the boy or his family, except through attorneys. She’s is also prohibited to be within 250 feet of the boy or his home.

The restraining order states, “Graper is prohibited from engaging in or threatening physical force or violence, damage to property, or trespass on property” against the boy or his family — and anyone else — “motivated by race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, or disability.”

A preliminary hearing has been set for Nov 17. If Graper is found guilty in a civil court, the maximum penalty for a civil rights violation in the state is $5,000.


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