Civil Rights & Social Justice

A viral video purportedly shows Lakeland police officers brutally beating a Black teen before one puts their knee on his neck.

A Mississippi cop is out of a job after arresting Quantavious Eason, a 10-year-old Black boy for peeing behind his mother’s car. 

Police Brutality

A police-run tennis program detained him.

The lawsuit claims a Chicago police officer shot an unarmed 13-year-old Black boy in the back while he was trying to comply.

Race Matters

The lack of compassion shown to Black children and teens is not new, but it's still jarring to watch.


15-year-old Martell Williams said police in Waukegan, Illinois, arrested him at school and coerced him into a false confession for attempted murder. He also said a cop offered him McDonald's in exchange for his confession.

Police Brutality

On Friday, Black teenage college student Alhaji M. Sow was shot and killed by police on the campus of his school, the Florida Institute of Technology. Melbourne police claim the 18-year-old was "wielding a knife in a threatening manner" and “assaulting students."

A New Hampshire judge has issued a temporary restraining order on a white woman who was accused of telling a 9-year-old-black child she would “kneel on his neck.”

A Black teen was left "traumatized" after a half dozen police officers racially profiled him while he was walking home from school, threw him to the ground and handcuffed him "soley due to his race," according to a lawsuit filed in Kentucky.

Ryan Le-Nguyen, a Michigan man who shot a 6-year-old Black boy and was quickly freed from jail because of extremely low bail, has been forced to surrender and return to police custody after his bond was increased exponentially.

Lauren Springfield is blasting her son's school.


A shocking clip goes viral.