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Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Continues In Kenosha, WI

Kyle Rittenhouse becomes emotional describing events leading up to the shooting of Joseph Rosenbaum as he testifies during his trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse on November 10, 2021, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. | Source: Pool / Getty

Last week, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges stemming from his shooting rampage in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during unrest over the shooting of Jacob Blake. Days later, Rittenhouse made an appearance on the network for white terrorist cheerleaders, Fox News, and spoke with the channel’s chief white nationalist who never met a bad haircut he didn’t want sitting on his head, Tucker Carlson.

First, let me just say that while it was frustrating to watch Rittenhouse get off scot-free, it wasn’t a surprise. I mean, we all saw this trial. We saw the overwhelmingly white jury and the judge who would clearly rather adopt Rittenhouse than try him for murder. So, what kept me up at night wasn’t his acquittal, it was the thought of Rittenhouse becoming a conservative sweetheart and being provided with all the right-winger opportunity in the world to remain in the spotlight while profiting on the death he created. And truthfully, we can still probably expect the RNC invites, MAGA keynote speaker appointments and NRA mascot opportunities to come pouring in, but who knows if the Republican OnlyKlans network is going to want Rittenhouse on again after he looked Carlson dead in his white supremacist eyes and said he supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

In an interview set to air Monday night, according to the Associated Press, Rittenhouse declared that his case had “nothing to do with race.”

“It never had anything to do with race. It had to do with the right to self-defense,” he told Carlson.

There’s no point in addressing his white nonsense-infused claim that all he did was defend himself in a situation he caused on a night where, despite all of the chaos, he was the only person who killed or seriously injured anyone. So let’s just address his equally absurd claim that race played no role in his case or his acquittal.

Obviously, we all know that if Rittenhouse were Black he would never have made it past the police line carrying an assault rifle, let alone beat a murder rap after going to trial before a sympathetic judge who would rather hump his leg than send him to prison. But there’s also the fact that his shooting occurred during what was essentially a BLM protest and white America has successfully convinced itself that BLM protests are war zones of looting, cop killing and all-out Black thuggery despite reports showing that the vast majority of BLM protests have been peaceful. It’s easily arguable that Rittenhouse was found not guilty, not just because he’s white, but because the white perception of BLM made it easy to buy the idea that he was in danger and not that he was the danger.

White America also believed his actions were reasonable based purely on what white people and only white people consider to be reasonable.

This is why it’s always about race.

Anyway, Rittenhouse continued saying, “I’m not a racist person. I support the BLM movement, I support peacefully demonstrating.”

Now, obviously, nobody who is Black should be buying the idea that Rittenhouse supports our movement. If he did, he would never have been caught posing for pictures with Proud Boys members while holding up what appeared to be a white power symbol. This would be like claiming to support the “me too” movement while wearing a “Free Harvey Weinstein” t-shirt.

Still, even voicing support for the BLM movement is the kind of thing that will make right-wing pundits, politicians and organizations pause before extending invitations or even putting Rittenhouse on their Christmas mailing list.

Hell, Tucker himself has called BLM a “hoax,” a “poison” and a “national humiliation,” which is actually what his entire career and existence should be seen as. Tucker Carlson’s remarks on BLM have been so racist and revolting that Fox News advertisers started distancing themselves from the network. Do y’all understand how disgustingly racist one would have to be to get anyone who already associated themselves with Fox News to be like: “Dude, until you learn to check your privilege, we just can’t sell our products here.”

Again, most likely, Rittenhouse is just claiming to support the movement in an effort to help wash the white supremacist stench off of him and rid himself of the stigma of being deemed racist.

But that just isn’t how one makes themselves a white conservative hero.


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