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Legendary NFL cornerback Deion Sanders isn’t just teaching his student-athletes the game on the field as head football coach at Jackson State University, he’s also teaching them about the game of life, the game of love and, apparently, the game of gold diggers. Basically, Sanders knows some of his students might make it to the NFL and become professional athletes someday, which means they’ll be making a lot of money, which means their wallets may attract as many “fans” as their skills on the field do.

On Thursday, Sanders posted a video of a coaching session to his Instagram account, but this wasn’t a normal class. He was putting his players up on game, but not necessarily the game they seek to play professionally. For this class, Sanders brought in Instagram model Brittany Renner, the woman who literally wrote the book on getting in the pockets of famous celebrities.

Renner talked to the class about how the high-profile men venture into her DMs, “are like a Nike store, it’s nothing but blue checks.”

For those of you who don’t understand what a blue check is, it doesn’t mean a person is now an honorary Crip or anything like that, it just means Renner is routinely receiving messages from people with verified social media accounts, which tends to mean they are what is know as “somebodies.”

For women who aspire to be some rich man’s next wife (or ex-wife), a blue check is basically the opposite of a red flag.

“You’re trying to make it to the NFL, you do understand there’s a lot that comes with that right?” Renner asked the class. “To be able to decipher who really loves you for you, I think that’s the billion-dollar question we’re all wanting to know. You are useful, and it’s better to be useful than useless. You just have to have that understanding that okay, I have something to offer, whether that’s financial, status wise, or whatever, and people do see that as a bonus to be with you, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you just have to be aware that nobody is here for nothing.”

Renner also told the college players that its not just about money, it’s also about status.

“A lot of times, men and women, they just want something,” she said. “Even if we both have our own thing going on, me being with you is a good look because you boost my stock, just like you boost mine.” (I’m pretty sure she said that wrong. Or maybe it was a Freudian slip where she admitted that really she’s the only one who benefits.)

So what are your thots…I mean, thoughts on Sanders’ lesson for his student-athletes?