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Placentia Yorba Linda School Board discusses critical race theory

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Critical race theory is once again the topic of discussion after a Florida school district canceled a lecture on civil rights history over concerns about critical race theory. The lecture didn’t have anything to do with CRT.

J. Michael Butler, a history professor at Flagler College in St. Augustine, was supposed to give a lecture to Osceola County School District teachers on Saturday about the history of the civil rights movement and its effects on modern America.

According to an email sent by the school district’s superintendent, Debra Pace, the school district did not want Butler to give his seminar unless it was reviewed by the committee.

“We needed an opportunity to review them before the training in light of the current conversations across our state and our community about critical race theory,” said Pace in the email. “I am mindful of the potential of negative distractions if we are not proactive in reviewing content and planning its presentation carefully.”

The cancellation of Butler’s presentation comes just days after Gov. Ron DeSantis and the state Senate committee advanced legislation that blocks public schools and private businesses from making white people feel uncomfortable about learning about the history of race relations in this country. The proposed bill looks to protect white people from feeling discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of their race. Gov. DeSantis also wants to empower Florida parents to shoe schools for teaching critical race theory.

Although DeSantis denied his proposed legislation had anything to do with the Osceola County CRT controversy, the email sent by the district’s superintendent, Debra Pace seems to contradict that notion, as well as suggest white people have no idea what critical race theory even is.

“Critical Race Theory and factual history are two different things. The endless attempts to gaslight Americans by conflating the two are as ineffective as they are tiresome,” said Pace in the email. “So just to be clear, mixing up ‘teaching history’ with ‘teaching CRT’ is dishonest.”

The only people confusing history and CRT are white people who do not want to accept that their ancestors might have been horrible human beings.

CRT is not, I REPEAT, is not taught at an undergrad level. Critical race theory isn’t taught in any middle or high schools in America. It is a graduate-level academic concept that focuses on understanding the impacts of structural racism throughout history in America.

Terry Castillo, a school board member in Osceola County believes that Florida school boards are being guided by political agenda.

“School districts in Florida are in a precarious position as we navigate the anti-CRT administrative order which has little guidance yet promises to have strong consequences if not implemented,” said Castillo. “School boards have been punished for going against the governor’s orders regarding mask mandates.”

Being black and writing about CRT is like having three teeth pulled by three different dentists all in the same day; it’s agonizing. It feels like white people in this country have no remorse for the way blacks have been treated throughout history.

How dare you make them feel bad for the past.

Is ‘white guilt’ more important than the lasting effects of slavery and racism? If you believe that, then you most certainly do need critical race theory.


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