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Rudy Giuliani Endorses GOP NYC Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa

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Only in America can a white man help lead the charge in a failed attempt to keep a would-be dictator in power one day and be featured on a reality singing competition TV series just over a year later.

Last week’s taping for the upcoming season of Fox’s The Masked Singer gave the judges of the show quite the surprise. I mean, there’s always a surprise—that’s kind of the point of the show—but this time, a contestant lifted his mask to reveal what judges probably thought was another mask—one with charcoal coffee bean-stained teeth, skin melting off the skull and some kind of weird whitey mutagen dripping from the scalp.

It was Rudy Giuliani, y’all. According to Deadline, The Masked Singer producers thought it was a good idea to have Rudy “but he’s already in a Penguin costume” Giuliani on the show like he didn’t try to make democracy a victim of actual cancel culture.

It’s not completely surprising that Fox would give airtime to the biggest tool in Donald Trump‘s toolbox in his attempt to overturn legally cast votes in the 2020 presidential race based on thoroughly disproven “stop the steal” propaganda. After all, Fox owns Fox News, which is basically Disney + for people who think the District of Columbia is a foreign land full of Mexicans. Still, for a show on any network to feature a man who’s facing multiple lawsuits and had multiple law licenses suspended over his perpetuation of a “big lie” that would have disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of voters from predominately Black areas and one that led to a honky-tonk terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol is shameful—and that’s exactly why two of the four judges on the show walked TF off set in disgust once Giuliani was revealed.

That’s right, judges Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke walked off the stage in protest of Great Value Skeletor being on the show before eventually returning. Of course, judges Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger stayed in their seats to banter with the disgraced attorney and former NYC mayor because normalizing racist white men who tried to steal a fair and legal election based on demonstrable lies is just a thing we do in America.

Anyway, the costume Giuliani was wearing hasn’t been revealed because the episode isn’t set to air until next month and, well, spoilers, but one would guess he wasn’t dressed as a poisonous snake, a grand wizard, a rat with cheese on its teeth or the devil himself—because all of those costumes would be redundant. 

Also, I don’t know if Giuliani can cut a rug like he tried to cut negro votes off from the ballot box or not, but here’s what I’m imagining:

Remember what I said about the snake?

Holy hell, he’s going to be singing too.

So. y’all watching the episode, or nah?


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