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There’s a reason the Proud Boys putting some Afro-Cuban sunken place weirdo on its leadership team hasn’t convinced anyone that it’s not a white nationalist group. They behave like they’re Black Lives Matter’s arch-nemesis (even though BLM treats them more like a D-list villain nobody but dedicated comic book nerds ever heard of) and Antifa (even though it’s not a real organization), and their membership includes an ex-cop who was among a group of cops accused of beating a Black man in his driveway sometime before the ex-cop and other Proud Boys attended the Jan. 6 Capitol riot full of angry whites attempting to lynch Black votes.

Now, a white man in Akron, Ohio, has been caught on camera calling a Black woman a “n****r b**ch” just before punching her, and that white man just happens to be the vice president of the Proud Boys’ Akron chapter.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the Black woman and her friend were walking along the sidewalk in the city’s Highland Square neighborhood late Saturday night when they saw a group of white men fighting. (Oh, what to do about all this white-on-white crime?) 26-year-old Andrew Walls was among those in the Caucasian clash when he spotted the Black woman and immediately shouted, “F***ing n***rs.” Right after his first n-word-on-sight outburst, he told the Black woman, “N****r b**ch, shut your mouth,” just be for he’s seen on camera punching her in the mouth, after which bystanders stepped in to protect her.

According to the Beacon, the woman’s father said Walls dragged his daughter into the street by her hair after punching her and that she suffered a concussion and a split lip during the attack. Walls was also spotted with a gun under his shirt.

So, Wallswho turned himself in to police Sunday afternoon, because, for some reason, violent white men who attack Black people are often not arrested at the scenehas been charged with possession of a firearm while intoxicated and assault and authorities say he could face additional charges due to the racial slurs and the severity of the Black woman’s injuries.

“The investigation is actively ongoing to determine if additional charges are appropriate,” Capt. Dave Laughlin, of the Akron Police Department, said.

Walls’ use of racial slurs has police considering an ethnic intimidation charge, but I’m not sure what there is to consider. Wondering if it’s a hate crime when a white person uses a racial slur while physically attacking a Black person is like watching a fire burn a cross on a negro’s lawn and wondering if it’s hot, or if the KKK has been there, or if the KKK is racist.

So yeah, if the Proud Boys is trying to shed its white supremacist image, it might want to do something about all the proud white supremacists in its ranks.


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