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Former President Trump Holds Rally In Perry, Georgia

Vernon Jones speaks to a crowd at a rally featuring former President Donald Trump on September 25, 2021, in Perry, Georgia. | Source: Sean Rayford / Getty

Georgia congressional candidate Vernon Jones went full diva during a GOP event in Jackson County on Saturday where he and his opponent, Mike Collins, were set to speak. Jones was apparently big mad because it was announced that he would be speaking before Collins when he claims he was told he would be speaking after his congressional competitor.

In other words, Jones was really out here like: “Hol’ up, b**ch—I am a headliner and I don’t open for nobody!”

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Jones was at a GOP event talking about, “Ain’t nobody coming to see you, Collins!”

Jones walked up to Collins and said, “You want my spot, Mike? Hmm? Well, you ain’t gon’ get it because you ain’t got it!”

OK, all jokes aside, here’s what Jones actually said…

“I came here because I’m a fighter,” said the guy who used to be a Democrat before the sunken place swallowed him whole. “But I’m not going to be subjected to parlor tricks. I was selected to be the second person. Mike Collins was supposed to go first and you all are now trying to change it.”

Someone off-camera can be heard essentially telling Jones to sit his a** down while reminding him that  he is “a guest” and will “listen.” But Jones wasn’t trying to hear any of it. He complained that Collins always criticizes him at events when he’s allowed to speak second—(I mean, criticizing an opponent is pretty much how campaigns work, but OK)—and this time, he was not having it.

“No, we were told he’s going first and I’m going second,” Jones said. “I’m sorry this happened, but I don’t play games like that.”

“This GOP group took a page from the Democrats 2020 playbook and changed the rules for their candidate of choice, Mike Collins,” he continued, adding that Collins “is the Democrats and liberal Atlanta Journal & Constitution’s Greg Bluestein’s preferred candidate.” (Bluestein was the person who posted the footage of the event on Twitter, but it’s unclear what he had to do with the speaking order or if he’s a Mike Collins fan. Also, who is Mike Collins?)

After Jones was done with his tirade, he stormed out of the event.

Jones stays storming out of things, apparently, because, in October last year, we reported that he stormed off set during an interview with right-wing podcaster Stew Peters, who grilled him about being sued by white men accusing him of racially discriminating against white people while he was a Democrat and Dekalb County’s first Black CEO.

At some point, Jones has to wonder if switching political parties was such a good idea—because white Republicans just don’t seem to like him. 

I mean, he’s getting sued by white conservatives and verbally beat up about it by white right-wing podcasters. Republican Wendy Rogers once accused him of “tap-dancing,” which was, well true, but still racist AF. And now, mans is getting played out of his headliner spot at GOP events.

This guy is a Donald Trump-endorsed congressional candidate who has pledged to impeach President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris, and he still can’t get any respect.

Is there a House Negro Union this man can speak to?


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