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Racist Nevada Gun Instructor

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So, here’s the thing—conservatives aren’t funny.

When white people, especially white conservatives, try to tell race-related “jokes,” they’re not really telling jokes so much as they’re being blatantly racist and hiding behind, “Ok c’mon, it’s just a joke.”

So when a firearm instructor in Nevada got on stage during a recent conceal carry weapon (CCW) event and decided to do his version of the “white people are this way while Black people are this other way” jokes that most Black comedians stopped doing I the late ’90s, his bit was stale, dated, completely unclever and completely racist. He probably thought it was OK because he was also making fun of white people, but nah—the racism and Black resentment were clear in his presentation.

According to Newsweek, the gun guy who also dabbles in Klan comedy is CCW instructor Nephi Khaliki. Now, technically, Kalili is not white. Despite the fact that he presents as your average white American good old boy yokel, he’s actually an Afghan American. But his brand of racial stereotyping is as white as white can be.

During the April 10 event at the Clark County Library—where, of course, Republican candidates were listed as special guests—Khaliki started his routine by declaring to the audience that firearm “rules are different for the races, right?”

So, next to an image of some regular-degular white MAGA-fied American caricature holding a rifle, he listed the following rules for firearm safety for white people.

  • Always put your beer down before handling a firearm.
  • Always keep your finger out of your nose while shooting.
  • Always wear a wife beater on the range.
  • Always make sure there are no minorities in your backdrop.

Then came the disproportionately offensive Black jokes.

For this part of the segment, Khaliki went with an image of a Black male gangster with a handgun cocked sideways as if he were in the midst of a gang war. While the white caricature—who looked, well, basically, just like Khaliki if he were white—held a rifle by his side in a non-threatening way, the Black caricature is a violent criminal who would be considered a danger to society clearly pointing a gun at someone. Then there’s Khaliki’s special firearm safety rules for Black people.

  • Always shoot the gun right side up.
  • Always lick the chicken grease off your fingers before shooting.
  • Always make sure there’s a white person around so you have someone to blame for everything that goes wrong in your life.
  • Always aim for small children to ensure you actually hit another gang member.

First of all, chicken grease? Really? We’re still out here doing “Black people love chicken” jokes in 2022. But that was the least offensive rule.

“Always make sure there’s a white person around so you have someone to blame for everything that goes wrong in your life,” was clearly not a joke. That was just an airing out of white grievances under the guise of humor. White people have spent all of American history complaining about the very existence of non-whites on the land they stole, and they’re still blaming immigration and affirmative action for all their shortcomings. But Black people complain about racism so that automatically translates to us blaming white people for all our problems.

Then there’s the last rule: “Always aim for small children to ensure you actually hit another gang member.”

Bruh, that’s just dark and vile as hell, and he made no such joke about white people.

So yeah, Khaliki may not technically be whitebut he’s still white AF.

Anyway, after being dragged up and down the internet for his off-white supremacy stand-up, Khaliki defended himself by posting another clip from the same event where he spoke about his own racial background being associated with terrorists. (There was no caricature image or list of violent stereotypes though because that would have been racist.)


“Look, I think racism’s funny,” he said. “Cause, in order to be a racist you gotta be so ignorant. Cause, to me, racism is about fear. I fear you so, I want to control you because I’m afraid that if you’re left to your own devices you will rise above me and you will be my ruler.”

Yeaeeeah, stop it, bro. If that segment was about making fun of racism then the white stereotypes wouldn’t have been so harmless while the Black stereotypes were mired in thuggery and violence. Just admit you err on the side of whiteness and that the largely white, conservative and gun-loving audience you performed for is the only audience where that routine would fly.

At any other venue, that routine would have bombed like your people bombed…

Now, see, you’ve got me doing it now. That “joke” would have been me punching down for white nationalism too. This sh** ain’t funny.


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