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white boy with whip at Black neighbor's door video

Source: Welcome 2 Nashville YouTube Channel

Booooy, what are we going to do about these thuggish ruggish white folks who have no respect for the laws in this country and are raising their children to be violent degenerates?

In Kaufman County, Texas, a Black couple had the terrifying experience of having a 9-year-old white neighbor come to their door cracking a whip in search of their 9-year-old Black daughter. When the boy was scolded and turned away by the girl’s mother, he allegedly used the whip to damage the family’s car. Then, when the Black father went to confront the white boy’s father about the car damage, the white dad pulled a gun which he then shot, nearly wounding his own daughter. Much of the incident was caught on the Black family’s doorbell camera and filmed by the mother.

So, the boy is seen banging and then cracking a whip on the family’s door.

First of all, I need to know why this apparent grand wizard in training has ready access to a whip. Why is there even a whip in his home? What kind of “reconstruction family night” madness could be going on in that house? Is “plantation Tuesday” some kind of family activity tradition for white families in Texas who just can’t count high enough to play Monopoly? What’s really going on here?

Anyway, whatever this would-be young D’jango Unchained extra thought he was about to do with that whip, the Black mother of the house, identified by the Daily Mail as Carissa Nash, was not having it.

“Little boy, you better get your ass up and off my porch before I call the police, beating on my door like this!” Nash can be heard saying in the video. “I will call the police – you need to leave. Don’t you ever beat on my goddamn door like thatgo!”

From the Daily Mail:

The boy, who cops said is also nine, remains silent while being reprimanded, but defiantly stands on the African-American family’s front porch – cracking the whip against the floor at one point in apparent frustration.

After a few moments, the child – who cops did not identify due to his young age – flees, presumably running back to his own home.

He is also said to have scratched the Nash’s Audi while walking away. 

Carissa said of the frightening encounter: ‘This kid comes to my door with a whip looking for my 9 year old daughter, then puts a big ass scratch on our Audi. 

‘The police came out and tells us, “it’ll work itself out since he moving soon”

‘So when my husband got home, we went to talk to him about the damages done to our vehicle….The dad tells the son to say he’s not there. A couple minutes later he finally comes to the door with a gun! He almost shot himself and his daughter standing behind him smh’

First of all, how are cops essentially telling this Black family, “white boys will be white boys,” after he came to their house reportedly looking for their daughter with a whip in hand like he wanted to reenact scenes from some Disney + version of 12 Years a Slave?

The Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the white man who probably should not be raising children did pull a .357 Magnum on Nash’s husband, Dee Nash, during the confrontation over the damage done to their car. The white man, identified as 39-year-old Bryan Thomas Brunson, didn’t appear to believe that his son did what the family said he did and, at one point, told Dee to “get off my property” before threatening him with the gun which then went off nearly hitting Brunson’s daughter who was standing behind him.

The police confirmed to TMZ that Brunson was arrested and booked on charges of deadly conduct Friday and that he bonded out the same day, but they refused to reveal any other details.


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