Daniel Perry drove his car into BLM protesters and shot one to death.

The state banned DEI programs and initiatives.

A Texas appeals court is deciding whether to uphold a lower court's decision against splitting a Black voting district to create a predominately white one.

Crystal Mason was finally acquitted for voting in 2016 while on supervised release for a federal conviction, which she didn't know made her ineligible to vote.

Opal Lee, 97, is getting a new home on the same plot of land in Texas her family had been driven from by a white mob 85 years ago.

The Black Ballot

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee easily won her Super Tuesday primary election months after losing the Houston mayor runoff race.

The superintendent took out a full-page ad.


Trump's former spokesperson who defended his racism is seeking public office in Texas.

A Texas school could expel the teen for his hair.

A former plantation owned by the Varner-Hogg family in Texas removed books on slavery after Michelle Haas emailed about them.

Ronald Lewis was arrested for smuggling paperwork laced with ecstasy and synthetic marijuana to inmates at the Harris County Jail in Houston.

The Texas law would legalize detaining suspected undocumented migrants.