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On Thursday, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt called for an investigation into Tulsa Public Schools after claims that the school district violated the state’s new anti-CRT law.

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According to local reports, Stitt called for a state audit of the school district for “potential mishandling of public funds,” as well as concerns they may have violated state law by teaching “Critical Race Theory.”

Stitt took to social media to announce his request for the special audit, posting a video to his Twitter account explaining why he was taking such a drastic measure. 

“As one of the largest districts in the state, TPS received over $200M in COVID federal relief funds, he said in the video. ”TPS also stayed closed the longest, over 300 consecutive days. Board members, parents, students, and teachers deserve to know how that money was spent.”

It is worth noting that the Tusla school district did not remain closed the longest. According to The Oklahoman, Western Heights Public Schools in Oklahoma City was the last district in the state to reopen.

After alleging TPS could have mishandled COVID relief funds, Stitt attacked the school district for allegedly teaching CRT. 

“I’m also concerned that TPS may have violated state law,” he said. “Specifically, House Bill 1775, which bans public schools from teaching Critical Race Theory. Specifically, the bill prohibits teaching that one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex. Let’s teach students, not indoctrinate them.”

“We will get to the bottom of what’s going on at Tulsa Public Schools,” he concluded.

Tusla Public Schools could be the first district in the state to violate the new anti-CRT law.

In May 2021, Stitt signed House Bill 1775, prohibiting public school teachers from teaching that “one race or sex is inherently superior to another,” but the bill fails to mention the words critical race theory. 

Critics of the bill say it’s just a way to energize conservatives and win elections, while watering down history.

Karlos Hill, a professor at Oklahoma University, told StateImpact, “This critical race boogeyman, this manufactured polarization, is very effective in doing that, but it’s going to have long-term disastrous consequences,” he said.

Board member Ruth Veales told The Oklahoman that the law, “aims to quiet conversations on race “in order to protect white fragility.”

According to U.S. News, there are 69 schools and 32,569 students in TPS. The district’s minority enrollment is 80% and 61.9% of students are economically disadvantaged.


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