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In today’s episode of Cops Really Do Just Think They Can Do Whatever The Hell They Want, Don’t They? a police detective has been put on desk duty while he’s under investigation over what appeared to be an aggressive attempt at arresting an EMT inside the emergency area of a hospital in Rochester, New York.

The EMT’s crime? Deciding it was more important to transport her patient into the emergency room than it was to show her ID to an officer who parked his car in a spot reserved for ambulances.

According to, the police investigator’s car was parked in the ambulance bay in front of the emergency room at Strong Memorial Hospital. The EMT reportedly hit the officer’s car when opening the ambulance door to bring out the emergency patient. WECH reported that “the investigator insisted on getting her identification, she insisted on bringing the patient inside first,” and that appeared to be too much for the officer’s little blue ego to sustain.

When the EMT kept moving with the man on a stretcher instead of immediately bowing to the demands of an officerwho put potential emergency room patients in danger by parking in the ambulance bay in the first place—the investigator charged at her at the check-in desk, aggressively pulled her arms behind her back, cuffed her and took her out to the police car. Part of the incident was caught on the hospital’s surveillance camera.

The EMT was ultimately released from custody without being charged or ticketed, but that certainly doesn’t let the officer, who was reportedly investigating the case, off the hook for his behavior. He wouldn’t know how serious the condition of the patient being transported was but appeared to think the dent on his car was the top priority. Or maybe he just didn’t like some EMT—who appears to be a Black woman or woman of color—ignoring his demand in favor of caring for her patient. 

Imagine being this fragile while being tasked with protecting and serving the public.


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