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In today’s episode of Orange Is The New CPAC, Georgia representative and founder of Bigots and Guns for Jesus (I made that up) Marjorie Taylor Greene had herself a prayer session with a real Jan. 6 convict who was posing as a fake Jan. 6 convict in a prop jail cell staged at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Before we get too deep into Greene and her constant fawning over domestic terrorists, let’s start with a little info on the guy in the cage who essentially turned a CPAC into MAGA Comic Con.

From Insider:

WUSA reporter Jordan Fischer identified the man as Brandon Straka, founder of the #WalkAway Foundation, which encouraged liberal voters to abandon the Democratic party and vote for Trump. Straka pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of Engaging in Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in the Capitol Building or Grounds during the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, receiving 90 days home confinement and three years probation, but avoided jail time, NPR reported.

Straka said in a statement to Insider that the purpose of the performance was to highlight “the pain and suffering that has resulted from the division that exists among the American people,” but he “does not endorse or condone the behavior of anybody who committed crimes on January 6th.”

He added that his hope was to “encourage all Americans to let go of hatred and animosity and begin to see the humanity in one another again, and have compassion for one another.”

So, let me see if I have this right:

A person convicted of crimes committed during a literal government overthrow attempt got slapped with a couple of misdemeanors and sentenced to house arrest and probation—and he staged a demonstration to highlight the “pain and suffering” of Capitol rioters.

That same man is also trying to highlight “the division that exists among the American people”—while also being a dedicated supporter of possibly the most loud and proud white nationalist president in modern history.

According to Insider, people who viewed the spectacle were given a “silent disco headset” so they could listen to the Jan 6 defendants whine about being held accountable for their crimes during their trial testimony. (Seriously, this is Comic-Con for white nationalists and people who think the District of Columbia is on the other side of the border.)

“It’s tragic how many January 6 defendants were treated in jail,” Alex Pfeiffer, a spokesperson for CPAC, told Insider via email.

What’s actually “tragic” is that a mob of MAGA rubes tried to cancel democracy by force by attacking police officers and embarking on a destructive rampage in and outside of the U.S. Capitol buildingand the same conservative politicians who treat Black Lives Matter protests like they’re reenactments of Sodom and Gomorrah are acting like Jan. 6 rioters are patriotic political martyrs who are being mistreated.

This brings us back to MTG.

So, Greene hopped herself into the fake cage to fake pray with the fake inmate who committed real crimes in a fake fight against fake voter fraud aimed at discarding real and legitimate votes in order to keep America’s fakest real president in power.

“She prayed with me for our nation,” Straka told the Daily Mail. “Both sides of the aisle for all people and no, I thought it was a really beautiful, special moment.”

Greene is a racist and Islamaphobe who thinks Christianity founded America and the devil founded BLM and the LGBTQ community—and the guy praising her claims he’s lamenting “division” in America.

I hate it here.


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