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So, Rachel Dolezal, the 100 percent white woman who had been fetishizing Blackness for years before the general public even knew her name, has an OnlyFans account, and, well, I’ma go ahead and throw out this little dusty 2022 bingo card away.

Actually, the Grinch who stole Blackness has had an OnlyFans account since August of last year, but Black Twitter has apparently just discovered it, and now she’s trending again, probably for the first time since she dipped back into her white privilege to avoid jail time for welfare fraud charges. (Which reminds me, I wonder if Brett Favre is a subscriber.)

According to her OnlyFans page, Dolezal uses it to “post creative content and interact with fans more than on any other platform!”

And – recognizing that the app is associated with adult-themed content – people who subscribe will also get to witness Dolezal’s “sensual side” including “lingerie on the weekends.”

Dolezal also invites subscribers to buy her things from her wish list on, promising that any and all purchased items “will be posted in a pic or video on my OnlyFans page.”

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Listen: I have zero interest in any content related to the undercover Karen who treats Black identity like a really fun cosplay idea that can also be used to snatch jobs that would have gone to actual Black women. I had no interest in her book, in which she very white-ingly referred to herself as a “woke soul sista'” and even more white-ingly likened her parents making her do household chores to chattel slavery. I also passed on watching her Netflix documentary The Rachel Divide and, obviously, I would have no interest in a white woman gentrifying Black hair through her cutting-edge (and I mean that literally) “weavologist” venture. So, I’m not taking even the slightest peek at the OnlyFans page of the woman whose Tyler Durden name is Nkechi Diallo.

Besides, what do I need with her OnlyFans when Black Twitter’s reactions to it are likely far more entertaining?

But you know what? Maybe I shouldn’t be so mean to the demonstrably white woman who thought she could shake up a can of negro-sheen and spray away the Caucasian existence she was born and raised in. In fact, to prove my change of heart is real, I’ll even suggest a few titles for her OnlyFans videos that she’s welcome to use like she uses Blackness as a therapy alternative.

Here are a few titles to start with:

Comfort in Someone Else’s Skin Is The New ‘Sexy’

Return of the Mac & Cheese

Let’s Try Some Roleplay. It’s Already Your Turn

That’s all I got for now. Maybe I’ll have some more suggestions next time the Blackface queen is trending again.


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