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On Wednesday, we reported that now-former Gadsden County Board Commissioner Jeffrey Moore suddenly resigned from his post after a photo of him posing in full Ku Klux klan uniform surfaced. Moore was appointed by the Woke-inator himself, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, which would only be surprising if you’re also surprised that the sky turns less blue when the weather is bad. (Seriously, if you’re taken aback by the fact that the governor who explicitly tried to redistrict his state’s congressional map in order to dilute Black voting power also appointed a KKKosplayer as a commissioner in a majority Black county, then I’m afraid of startling you with the news that water is indeed wet.)

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, a group of Gadsden County officials and clergy members are refusing to give DeSantis a pass on appointing an official who apparently wants to make America reconstruction again. (MARA probably wouldn’t work as an acronym because that’s how half the MAGA crowd says “tomorrow” and that might get confusing.)

“What we’re asking for today is that, first, commissioner Moore just step up and be a man,” NAACP Tallahassee Chapter President Mutaqee Akbar said during a news conference Wednesday. “At least acknowledge it because you owe that to the citizens of Gadsden County.”

“If you can come here for photo ops whenever it benefits your office, come back for another…and speak to the citizens of Gadsden County,” Akbar continued. “Ensure them that you’ll do whatever background check or historical checks you need to do to make sure these citizens are not insulted like this ever again.”

Gadsden County Sheriff Morris Young, who is Black and a supporter of DeSantis, told Politico he showed Moore the photo and Moore didn’t deny it was him smiling in his white supremacy FUBU gear.

“He never denied at all,” Young said. “Refuted nothing when I showed him the pictures. I thought he needed to resign, and I told him that.” (But really, we’re talking about a Black guy who seems to be surprised a Klan-thusiast was appointed by the governor he supports—the same governor who said Joe Rogan shouldn’t have apologized for referring to a Black neighborhood as the Planet of the Apes. Nah, bruh, don’t try to climb yourself out of the sunken place now. Gon’ and sink yourself back beneath that couch cushion.)

Meanwhile, the Democrat reported that Gadsden County Republicans have selected a replacement to run in November for the District 2 commission seat that is now vacant since Moore packed up his spare noose and went home (I’m guessing).

From the Democrat:

Larry J. Clayton, a retired Army Reserve colonel and Quincy resident, was selected in a silent vote by the Gadsden County Republican Executive Committee Tuesday evening, according to Douglas Croley, the chair of the committee.

The group’s deadline to find a new candidate was Friday, a week after Moore resigned, according to the Gadsden County Supervisor of Elections Office.

One can only wonder if the new guy also has old Klan-friendly photos that haven’t surfaced yet.


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