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Disclaimer: This article is not encouraging carousing or drunken revelry, but it is recognizing how exhausting this election season has been. Now that we’re inching closer to the finish line that is Election Day, it’s time to celebrate the incremental progress being made toward citizens voting in the next wave of elected officials.

That includes the Georgia Senate debate in Savannah on Friday night when football celebrity-turned-upstart political candidate Herschel Walker takes the debate stage against the incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock.

Chances are, people will be gathered at various debate watch parties to bear witness to a war of words between two candidates engaged in a race that has featured a string of damning bombshell reports about Walker that have generated an outsized amount of interest in their campaigns.

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As a result, NewsOne has crafted a drinking game around the debate to both mark the end of a very long week and celebrate the fact that this debate is really happening after months of doubts coming from the Republican nominee’s side. The timing couldn’t be any better.

Officially named, “YOUR LOCAL ELECTION HEADQUARTERS: GEORGIA SENATE DEBATE,” the event is scheduled to take place Friday night at 7 p.m. at the JW Marriott Savannah in Savannah’s Plant Riverside District. It is expected to be the only debate between Walker and Warnock, whose differences and approaches to politics couldn’t be more pronounced.

That leads us to our Herschel Walker-Raphael Warnock debate drinking game.

The candidates’ aforementioned differences are expected to be the basis for whether people playing NewsOne’s debate drinking game must either sip, chug, guzzle or finish their drinks.

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How to play

The rules are pretty simple. Depending on what the candidates say — and, in Walker’s case, how he says it — there will always be an option for people competing in our debate drinking game.

Take a sip of your drink if/when…

Walker fearmongers about crime.

Walker is caught lying.

Walker blames immigration issues on Democrats.

anyone goes off-topic.

President Biden’s name is brought up.

voting rights are discussed.

Take a gulp of your drink if/when…

Walker answers the question incorrectly.

Walker doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about.

Walker comes across as a hypocrite.

anybody lies.

Guzzle your drink if/when…

When Donald Trump’s name is brought up.

Walker condemns “wokeness.”

Walker makes up words.

Rambles about nothing.

anti-Black statements are made.

Walker admits he’s not that smart.

And finish your drink if…

Walker starts mumbling incoherently.

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Lastly, if you played along, make sure to call an Uber because you obviously will have had way too much to drink.

Be safe!


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