Here is NewsOne's Herschel Walker-Raphael Warnock debate drinking game. Play along as the Georgia Senate candidates debate the issues.

There are multiple live-streaming options to watch the highly anticipated showdown online to see the Democratic and Republican nominees for U.S. Senate in Georgia discuss the issues.

Speaking for around 20 minutes during the Hall County GOP Picnic, Walker made several other wild statements, including claiming Warnock was trying to "bully him" out of the race.

Christian Walker, who has mocked absentee fathers, has been silent since his dad Herschel Walker's secret children have been revealed.

Herschel Walker's backers hope Black voters are easily swayed by one-off gifts.

The GOP candidate selectively flip-flopped on his pro-Trump, anti-CRT stances.

From statewide races like the lieutenant governor to several judicial seats, Georgia voters once again have an opportunity to choose their champion. 

U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker rang in 2022 with a message for the American people—by mumble rapping a bunch of generic right-wing talking points about Build Back Better and calling it “a few things to think about as we start the New Year.”

Herschel Walker's campaign finally removed a false claim from his website that claimed the U.S. Senate candidate “graduated from UGA with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.” The claim has been made elsewhere and gone uncorrected.

Herschel Walker registered to vote in Georgia on Aug. 17, listing an Atlanta home owned by his wife, before officially launching his campaign this week.