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GOP Senate Candidate Holds Campaign Event In Philadelphia

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In today’s episode of Peak Whitesplaining, we examine a phenomenon that has existed throughout American history—white people thinking they know more than Black people do about what’s best for Black people.

Meet Pennsylvania Republican Senate nominee Mehmet Oz.

Now, Oz, known professionally as Dr. Oz, is a Muslim man of Turkish descent, but he’s also a white-presenting man with a whitesplaining man’s mentality, so, for the purposes of this report—he’s very white. 

Besides being Muslim, Oz is your typical Republican. During an NBC News interview, he was asked about his views on abortion, to which he said he feels “very strongly the federal government should not, I’ll repeat, should not get involved in state issues around abortion,” which means he, like many conservatives, thinks the federal government getting involved with state matters crosses the line, but state governments getting involved in a woman’s reproductive decisions is just fine.

Then again, he also said he thought President Joe Biden’s decision to pardon thousands of people for simple federal marijuana possession “a rational move,” so maybe he isn’t quite as soulless as your average GOP goon.

But it was his answer to whether he supports Black Lives Matter that should raise most moisturized eyebrows.

Predictably, Oz is anti-BLM. But his reasoning is a departure from the usual “all lives matter” narrative crafted by disgruntled white people who just get the Caucasian hee-bee jeebies at the first sign of a discussion on systemic racism.

Instead, Oz’s main problem with BLM appears to be that the movement didn’t address what his white-adjacent-a** thinks are the real problems plaguing the Black community.

Also, he apparently thinks BLM jacked his hashtag.

“I don’t, because I think it was a hijacked effort to address some of the deep problems we have with race in America,” Oz said when asked if he supported the movement. “And I don’t think the Black Lives movement did justice to the real struggle that we have.”

First of all, who is “we”? How is this man who is not Black, is not part of the Black community and has no personal attachment to the Black experience in America qualified to determine that a movement started by Black people missed its mark?

Oh, wait—I guess he gets his honorary Black bonafides based on his claim that he’s “worked in these areas” where Black people roam in the wilds waiting for an off-white savior to whitesplain us into the promised land.

“I’ve worked in these areas quite a bit…” Oz said. “We started the hashtag ‘more Black doctors’ because there’s some obvious problems that happen in the practice of medicine when it comes to Black folks.”

Besides the fact that BLM was never designed to address every single issue plaguing the Black community, there’s the fact that Black people have been talking about racism in healthcare and advocating for more Black doctors since hallelujah. Yet, here’s Ozzy McWhite-By-Default acting like his reality show started this Black Doctors Matter sh**.

If this man doesn’t GTFOH with this “I too have a dream, in fact, I dreamt my dream first” white nonsense.

I mean, the caucasity is strong in this one.


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