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Herschel Walker-Warnock debate on 10/14/2022

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Herschel Walker, a longtime Trump loyalist, admitted for the first time publically that he believes President Joe Biden won the 2020 election fair and square. The Republican nominee was asked about his position on the matter during his debate against Sen. Raphael Warnock Friday as the two campaign for the U.S. Senate seat in Georgia.

Previously, Walker sent mixed messages when asked about the legitimacy of Biden’s presidency.

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“President Biden won and Sen. Warnock won, that’s the reason I decided to run, Walker said suggesting that the sitting senator has sided blindly with the president.

“He and Joe Biden are the same,” Walker added.

Noted CNN fact checker Daniel Dale described Walker last year as “a serial promoter of false 2020 conspiracy theories.”

Nearly a year after that, Walker still would not say publicly if he thought Biden won the election.

Weeks later, Walker would claim that Trump never said the election was stolen.

Walker came into the debate trailing Warnock by as many as six percentage points, depending on which poll you’re looking at. But with a margin of error of 3%, that lead wasn’t safe, even as Walker tried his best to navigate through an avalanche of damning accusations and revelations that threatened to upend his candidacy.

But Walker has stayed the course and Warnock’s campaign never reached for the low-hanging fruit and tried to capitalize on the onslaught of bad press for his opponent. It appeared part of Warnock’s campaign strategy was almost to sit back and allow Walker to do damage to himself, what with the egregious instances of misspeaking, to put it kindly.

That said, Walker’s apparent inability to really grasp the issues that matter to Republicans both nationally as well as in Georgia hasn’t seemed to affect his base, which is staying true to the candidate who was handpicked and endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

In fact, at times he’s come across as hypocritical, something that has forced the “pro-life” candidate’s supporters to reconcile with credible accusations that Walker encouraged and paid for an ex-girlfriend’s abortion. In a separate but very related claim, Walker’s secret children were revealed, according to reports that the same man who has criticized absentee fatherhood fathered two babies out of wedlock with two different women.

It was in that context – and not necessarily about politics – that the two met Friday night on the debate stage.

The race has seemingly devolved into a political side-show, and that’s no fault of the scandal-free Warnock. In this case, it’s guilt by association as he’s had to deal with an opponent who waffled on committing to a debate and even – reportedly – demanded a “cheat sheet” of debate questions in order to participate.

It’s important that voters see through this orchestrated smokescreen likely designed to distract voters from the actual issues that matter and to generate overall disinterest that could keep folks from turning out at the polls. If such a tactic is successful, Walker could very well end up winning what’s been a tight race since Walker declared his candidacy.


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