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Georgia's Republican Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Campaigns In Macon

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A lot of people appear to think it’s surprising that, despite his plethora of scandals and lack of intellectual prowess, Herschel Walker is still climbing in the polls in his bid to represent Georgia in the U.S. Senate. It’s not surprising, though. It’s Georgia.

I suppose people think that because Democratic voters in the Peach State flipped a couple of Senate seats and voted in a democratic president for the first time since 1992 when Bill Clinton beat incumbent George W. Bush in Georgia by .06%—but that doesn’t mean things have changed in the state all that much. A lot of Georgia is still MAGA land and MAGA land is still an amusement park of idiocracy—which makes it the perfect place for Walker to be a child having the time of his life.

This is why Walker—a man who probably didn’t bother dressing up for Halloween this year because he’s already pretended to be a sheriff deputy FBI agent astronaut circus master samurai warrior from the Galactic Empire in real life—knows he can get away with saying pretty much anything.

It’s why he knows he can get in front of a MAGA crowd and display his complete misunderstanding of what pronouns are and how they work.

“I tell you what, they’re gonna get some of our service members killed with these pronouns,” Walker said during a rant about how “a grenade don’t have no pronouns on it.” (By the way, “it” is just one of several pronouns he used while denouncing pronouns. This man wants to be Lavern Spicer so bad.)

Here’s Walker talking to Fox News host and spokesman for the hueless and clueless Sean Hannity claiming Sen. Raphael Warnock voted against a bill to guarantee healthcare for babies “who survive an abortion.”

Apparently, Walker is talking about the Republican-backed Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. That’s right—this is real legislation proposed by pro-life conservatives who are pretending Aborted Baby Jim Crow is a thing and want to ensure doctors don’t discriminate against babies on the bases of an attempted abortion.

Does it make any logical sense? No. Does it have to make sense? No, because Walker is intellectually challenged and preaching to an intellectually challenged choir. I mean, one would think Walker would stay away from the subject of abortion now that a second woman has accused the so-called pro-life congressional candidate of pressuring her to terminate her pregnancy and paying for her abortion. But Walker doesn’t need to worry about being a “pro-life” hypocrite since conservatives have already proven they just don’t care if Walker is enthusiastically pro-choice when it comes to his private life.

Don’t get me wrong: I do believe Democratic victories in 2020 might indicate that things are changing in Georgia, but it doesn’t mean the state isn’t still chock full of ignorance and anti-intellectualism. It’s basically Herschel’s playground.


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