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A demonstrator holds a sign as South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham arrives at the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life Americas annual gala and fundraising dinner at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., on September 13, 2022. | Source: STEFANI REYNOLDS / Getty

I‘m not sure why South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is so passionate about playing the Calvin Candie to Herschel Walker‘s Stephen, but, boy, is he being loud, white and annoying about it.

There’s a video clip floating around Twitter that shows Graham sitting next to Walker at a campaign event claiming that we’re all just “scared to death of Herschel Walker because if Herschel walker becomes a Republican, maybe every other young child in America of color might want to be a Republican.”

First of all, you can tell Graham watched too many “I wanna be like Mike” commercials in the ’90s because he appears to think tossing some used-to-be famous athlete into the political world will cause Black kids across America to up and start following him into the sunken place like he’s the Pied Piper of shuck n’ jivery. Either that or Graham thinks there’s something special about Walker that he can accomplish what no Black conservative before him could—attract Black people en masse to the GOP. 

It’s just abundantly clear that Graham doesn’t know any children of color. He doesn’t have any Black friends that are of the Black community. He’s never been allowed to even sniff food from “the cookout” from two blocks away.

If Lindsey Graham had to appeal to children of color himself, he’d probably be found wandering aimlessly in “urban” communities stopping Black and brown youth to say, “Hey, man, give me five on the white hand side, my soul brother!” (He wouldn’t say “brotha.” Even then, he’d have to use the hard “R.”)

Seriously, what would Grahm know about influences on children of color? Besides Herschel being Black, what exactly would his appeal to POC be? And what happened to conservatives not wanting to engage in so-called identity politics? That whole stance seems to go out the proverbial window whenever Republicans want to parade around their “Black friends” and tell Black youth (or Black people in general) that this is what they should aspire to. It’s just so irritating when white people try to pick out Black people’s role models. Their criteria never has anything to do with what communities of color look for in an elected official, what issues are important to us or what our needs are. It’s just about who will serve white conservative America best.

Or maybe it’s simpler than all that. Maybe Graham just has himself a Jungle Fever man crush. I mean, just look at him chuckle away at Walker’s not-even-remotely-funny joke about how he “didn’t kill JFK either” in response to questioning about a second woman who has accused him of paying for her abortion.

Meanwhile, the other Black guy Graham calls the homie, Supreme Court Jester…I mean, Justice Clarence Thomas, temporarily blocked a requirement that Graham testify in a Georgia prosecutor’s probe into Republican interference in the Georgia election in 2020.

From NBC News:

The decision by Thomas, who handles emergency requests that arise from Georgia, freezes the litigation while the justices weigh Graham’s plea that the Supreme Court quash the subpoena. Thomas had asked lawyers for the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office to respond to Graham’s request by close of business Thursday. Thomas can handle the application by himself, although generally such issues get referred to the full nine-justice court, which has a 6-3 conservative majority.

Last week, the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Graham’s attempt to avoid answering questions about two phone calls he made to Georgia election officials after the 2020 election because, he argued, his actions were protected under the Constitution’s speech and debate clause.

Lindsey joined Donald Trump’s election fraud propaganda campaign that targeted voting precincts in largely Black and brown communities.

But, nah—I’m sure he knows what’s best for communities of color. 


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