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I‘ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: It should be a lot easier to immediately terminate the employment of demonstrable racists who works in education.

When a white Illinois teacher explicitly, unmistakably and unabashedly called a Black student a “f**king n****r,” he wasn’t fired until there was a rigorous investigation of the incident, which was caught on camera in clear-as-day footage. Even after he was finally fired, the district’s superintendent tried to blame mental illness for the teacher’s undeniable racism. (Apparently, he suffered from Klan’s Disease, or KKKOVID-1619, or Porch Monkeypox, or Racizophrenia, or whatever.)

Not long after that, a video went viral that showed a Texas teacher standing before students of color and declaring that white people represent the “superior” race.

Once again, an investigation needed to be completed before what we heard with our own ears and saw with our own eyes could be confirmed as firable racism. As it turned out, the Pflugerville “educator” and admitted white supremacist was allowed to resign, rather than be fired, according to the Dallas News.

Of course, that’s better than the Pennsylvania school board member who, according to NBC 10 Philadelphia, is resisting calls for him to step down after he blatantly disparaged Black people during a Wilson School Board meeting and then later claimed he wasn’t racist.

Again, it’s all on video, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Here’s what Wilson School Board member Mike Martin said, as reported by Reading Eagle:

He begins by reading from an article he says he found online, making clear they are not his own words.

“This is not me speaking now,” he said, later explaining the article was written by a Black man.

The article starts by claiming Blacks are easily offended.

“No group is perfect, however I have to say that Black people get offended often quicker and more often than any other group I have ever seen or dealt with,” Martin read.

Continuing to read, Martin says it can be argued the reason for that is the many difficulties they have faced throughout history in the U.S.

“However, what about Black people who are not slaves nor victims of police brutality nor direct victims of racism or oppression?” Martin read. “What about those that simply got offended and made conscious choices to work against their own people?”

The article goes on to claim that Blacks get offended for “petty reasons,” and respond poorly “when they get called out for what they did wrong.”

“If you don’t believe me, ask a young thug politely to pull up his pants and watch how he looks in response,” Martin read. “Ask a Black person to turn down his music and observe the response.”

The article states that too many Blacks “react ignorantly” and “act primitively.”

“The African American community needs to grow up to be accountable from within and learn how to accept correction for the better,” Martin read.

First of all, it doesn’t matter whether it’s true that Martin was reading words authored by a Black man. (I mean, it definitely sounded like it came from the pen of Jason Whitlock moved by the ghost of Candace Owens‘ edges.) Martin read it because he felt it vindicated his clear resentment for Black people.

Secondly, it irritates me to no end when white people claim Black people are any more easily offended than they are.

Black people aren’t the ones wetting their star-spangled tighty-whiteys whenever athletes silently kneel during the national anthem. We’re not the ones getting offended at the mere suggestion that America is less than the greatest country in the world.

White people heard the words “Black lives matter” and got so offended by it that they imagined the existence of the word “only” in the sentence, resulting in them starting “all lives matter,” “blue lives matter” and “white lives matter” campaigns. Because, ultimately, white people are offended by the very discussion of racism in America.

Hell, these days, white people even seem to be offended by the words “white people.”

While we’re at it, it’s worth mentioning that white people are historically the most easily offended people in America. Black people sitting at diners offended white people. Black people sitting in the front of buses and refusing to move offended white people. Black people voting offended white people. Black people fighting for simple equality offended white people. Black people protesting racial injustice offended and continues to offend white people. In fact, white people have spent the vast majority of America’s existence being offended by the idea of Black people being free. Now, they’re offended by any historical curriculum that emphasizes that truth. (E.g. white people’s ignorant war against critical race theory.)

Apparently, only white offendedness matters.

Anyway, Martin apologized for his clear and unmistakable racism by saying, “I really did not think I was being racist,” and, “Most people that really know me know that I don’t have a racist bone in my body,” which he plucked strait from the Bible of Racists’ Racism Denial. (Seriously, somewhere there’s a graveyard full of bigoted skeletons waiting for their boneless Caucasian bodies to claim them.)

He apologized, but he won’t resign and he probably won’t be ousted.

Again (and again, and again, and again), it shouldn’t be this hard.


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