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Kanye West is being sued for $250 million over his loud and demonstrably wrong remarks about George Floyd and the cause of his death. Who knows if the lawsuit has the teeth to go anywhere? It would be an astonishing thing if Ye got the Alex Jones treatment. But then again, it’s also astonishing that Yeezus can sell clothes that look like Jesus’ gym wear and still maintain a thriving clothing line. So, again, who knows?

Let’s break for a second and move on to a different but related point.

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Candace Owens doesn’t appear to have a very high opinion of Black people.

Ever since the edgeless lord’s failed “Blexit” campaign, she’s been purporting herself as some kind of enlightened (more like en-white-ened) Black prophet sent to deliver Black people across America from our own mindswhich is to say she just doesn’t appear to believe we have minds of our own. The so-called “free thinker”who just so happens to share all the exact same opinions as every racist white conservative ever—doesn’t believe Black people’s thoughts on systemic racism or police brutality or literally anything are based on our lived experiences or our own educations. Much like the white conservatives she’s forever performing a rhythmless tap dance for, Owens thinks the vast majority of Black Americans are being controlled by Democrats and the media, despite the fact that Black people have been calling America racist and fighting civil rights battles since long before either entity was paying us any kind of real attention.

In short: It never started with Democrats or the media—it always started with us. The fact that the media eventually latched on and we became the subjects of political interests doesn’t change that.

OK, now let’s bring these two points together.

Owens is clearly in her feelings about the lawsuit against Ye. She’s been Twitter-crying over her sunken-place sibling ever since it was announced. But she doesn’t appear to understand what’s going on, and nothing makes that more apparent than this tweet:

“The media has a lot to lose— namely power over black American emotions—if we all wake up to the lies surrounding the George Floyd narrative,” she tweeted. “They are attempting to hang Kanye publicly for daring to challenge their control over the masses. This “lawsuit” is a PR strategy.”

Does Candace Owens think “the media” is suing Ye? Because it isn’t. Roxie Washington, the mother of Floyd’s daughter, is suing Ye. The Witherspoon Law Group and Dixon & Dixon Attorneys at Law are the law firms through which the suit is being filed. The media ain’t got nothin’ to do with it.

The media is also not responsible for Derek Chauvin being convicted and sentenced to more than two decades in prison for Floyd’s murder. The media didn’t cause federal courts to convict all the officers involved for violating Floyd’s civil rights. The media didn’t record Floyd’s final moments, which many credit for justice being brought down on Floyd’s killer and his killer’s helpers.

Hell, while we’re at it—the media didn’t curse Owens with perpetual edge removal. The media didn’t steal her last tube of Black-away face cream from her purse. The media didn’t rig Donald Trump’s tanning booth to make him look like a year-round Halloween pumpkin. The media didn’t end Trumple-weird-skin’s miserable presidency. The media isn’t toppling over Confederate monuments inspiring the outrage of Republicans who want to keep us reminded that Democrats started slavery. The media didn’t create Black Lives Matter or cause Owens to take a dump in her Klanny-MAGA-mammy panties every time BLM is supported by the masses.

It’s so tiresome to listen to people who also work in media claiming the media is the source of all that ails America.

This brings us to a third point: Jason Whitlock is still Jason Whitlock. He’s also apparently very upset about how Ye is being treated.

“We’ve seen it before. It happened to Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, and Donald Trump,” Whitlock said in an anti-social media post he*checks notes*—posted on social media. “The social media matrix programmed us to view Farrakhan, Jones, and Trump as existential threats. The same thing is being done to Kanye.”

Whitlock is really out here going full “first they came for conservative Twitter, and I did not speak out.”

I’m just not sure why conservatives seem to believe privately owned social media platforms share the same “freedom of speech” obligations as constitutional governments. I mean, I’m sorry that Twitter and Instagram won’t allow people with massive followings to share hate speech or harmful propaganda, but this is not a thing that can be likened to actual oppression. And it’s not as if a progressive Black activist with a large following can tweet, “Death to all white people” and not also find themself banned from Twitter.

Also, if conservatives hate the so-called “social media matrix” so much why are they always crying when conservatives get banned from it? If social media is indeed a “matrix,” then the ban is their red pill, is it not?

I’m just saying gon’ and be free. We won’t miss you.


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